TeleCommunication Systems Inc., to Showcase Location-based Services at CTIA

Published Date : Sep 09, 2015

TeleCommunication Systems Inc., a leading company offering highly reliable and secure telecommunication and wireless technology solutions, recently announced that the company is planning to display its location-based services at CTIA. The announcement was made in Las Vegas, that TeleCommunication Systems Inc., will be showcasing its location-based services at the Wireless Industry Association SuperMobility 2015 between September 9th and 11th, in booth number 4510. 

Amidst emerging business opportunities, and regulatory mandates, the capacity to locate connected and mobile devices reliably and precisely, both outdoors and indoors, is becoming a mandate for financial services, retail, gaming, public safety, and some other sectors. In order to fulfill these requirements, many companies are joining hands with TCS, which is ranked as the top vendor for implementation and innovations, by ABI research. 

At SuperMobility 2015, TCS is planning to highlight a wide variety of applications and solution for both, outdoor and indoor location. TCS is constantly taking efforts to enhance its capacity to anticipate the requirements of the marketplace and meet them. Currently, the portfolio of TCS includes various comprehensive libraries for applications such as sensor fusion, and inertial navigation, which allows accurate measurement of speed, altitude, and direction. TCS can easily verify as well as validate the location of the device from anywhere across the globe. TCS uses location technologies such as cellular, satellite, GPS, and Wi-Fi. 

The location-based services from TCS are useful in identifying fraud and thus helps in preventing false positive rejections of services. Smooth outdoor and indoor location identification capacities are important for all kinds of markets. According to Jay Whitehurst, the senior vice president of TCS and president of commercial software group, by raising the limitations for location reliability and accuracy, additional opportunities will be created for location-based commercial services in the near future. Considering the control in precise location, TCS is on the verge of integrating outdoor and indoor localization of things and people.