Orchestra Softwarejoins allieswith Firestone Walker on Beer Industry Tech Symposium Panel

Published Date : Jun 14, 2014

Orchestra Software is proudly announcesa bronze sponsorship of The Beer Industry Technology Symposium (BITS). Many leaders of the brewing &distribution and technology industries have launched BITS to a substantial industry whereby, technology and strategy intersects.

This event will be held in Napa, California in conjunction with the Wine Industry Technology Symposium® - WITS® on the June 30 and July 1, 2014 at the Napa Valley Marriot.

The heads of the company are planning to host a panel discussion featuring the present real world examples of leveraging enterprise software in the craft brewery industry. The president of Orchestra Software, Brad Windeckerheld this discussion with Erwin Gut, Director of Automation and Information Technology at Firestone Walker Brewing Company.Windecker and Gut will discuss how Firestone has successfully accomplished several stages in its growth process, as well faces challenges of ERP at a midsized company.

One of the Orchestra’s largest brewery customers said Firestone Walker has been at the forefront of leveraging Orchestra Beer to support their growth. Along with Erwin’s success and achievements, Windeckerwill join the panel discussion about leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies for expanding companies. 

Windeckerholds a lot experience in both building and using SaaS based cloud software. They haveleveraged SaaS cloud software at every step of the growthto ensure the company is directed in the right way. BITSdeploySaaS based solutions in different segments such as HR, CRM, Project Management, Bug Tracking, and other areas of the industry.