More than US$70 bn could Spend on Indian Defense Electronics Market

Published Date : Sep 10, 2015

The Indian defense electronics market has the potential to earn opportunities that total to more than US$70 bn. These opportunities, spread out over the next 15 years, could be what the Indian firms related to defense production were looking for.

The summation was made in a white paper published by Roland Roger, a consultancy firm, and the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association, an Indian industry lobby. The paper was presented in Deftronics 2015 in front of an audience filled with defense and aerospace stakeholders.

The paper states that by 2022, the nations of China, Russia, and India could possible hold market shares of five percent each. Their rate of growth in defense electronics has been rapid after 2012, when their shares were roughly two percent each.

The current leaders in the defense electronics market are Europe and the United States.

Currently, the list of opportunities could consist of up to US$18.5 bn for the Indian defense electronics market in terms of both standalone tools as well as at a sub-system level. The sub-system level in particular has the potential of gathering over US$58 bn over the coming decade and a half.

It also includes land systems opportunities for Indian defense companies that revolve around infantry combat vehicles, the launcher and artillery programs, and the main battle tanks. The opportunities for naval defense electronics are also quite prominent in the segments of support vehicles, aircraft carriers, frigates, and conventional submarines.