Harley-Davidson Considers Venturing into EV Sector with its New Electric Motorbike Design

Published Date : Jun 23, 2014

Even as electric cars continue to catch the fancy of the automobile market, Harley-Davidson is set to make a foray into this arena with the unveiling of its first every electric motorcycle. The electric motorbike will be revealed in the last week of June 2014. The company’s president expects that Harley-Davidson, which is best known for its iconic touring bikes, will also become a market leader in developing standards and technology for electric motorcycles.

The handmade models, made especially for the upcoming demonstrations, will be showcased in an invitation-only show to be held in New York. As part of this event, the company will take select riders on a test-drive tour of 30 cities and will obtain feedback from riders based on these rides. This information from riders will be used by the motorcycle company to tweak various features in the bike. However, this bike isn’t expected to be available in the market for several years more.

Market analysts observe that venturing into the electric bikes domain could be a risk for Harley-Davidson as the market for full-size electric motorbikes is as good as non-existent, currently. Of the millions of electric two-wheelers that are sold globally each year, almost all are low-powered scooters and bikes that appeal especially to Chinese commuters.

On the other hand, one analyst also said that a major brand such as Harley-Davidson venturing into the electric motorcycles domain could help stir latent demand. A high ranking official from the company said that the trends in EV technology as well as growing consumer interest in this technology provide the perfect setting for the motorcycle maker to venture into this segment.