Senior executives subbed by Great Wall Motors

Published Date : Jun 23, 2014

Great Wall Motor Corporation is the China’s largest maker of SUVs. It has replaced three of its executives during a sales slump.

Great Wall Motor Company Limited is an automobile manufacturer formed during the year 1984 in China. The company is the largest producer of Sport Utility Vehicle in the country. During the year 2012, the market was beset by declining demand and there were curbs on the road going cars. During 2012, the company performed well and rose to 3 places to rank as the 7th largest automaker in China that imported 675,000 units. Also, the export of cars in 2012 was at 96,500 units.

The company also replaced Kang Guowang, who was previously in control of domestic sales. Also, Xing Wenlin who was in charge of international sales was replaced. Liang Xinlu responsible for components procurement was subbed by the company.

The company Great Wall Motor Co. didn’t specify to which positions the three senior executives were moved to. The company stated that the changes were a routine part of management rotation and were not related to the sales results.

The reshuffle of executives happened after the company declared sales decline in the past six months and the second delay of its Key Haval H8 SUV. The company said that last month it will hold off any sales of its vehicle till it is able to make the H8 of a premium standard.