Coca-Cola Completes Presence Across all 10 ASEAN Countries With Establishment of Bottling Plant in Lao

Published Date : Sep 15, 2015

Lao Coca-Cola Bottling, the company formed as a partnership between the companies Lao Firm PT Sole Co. Ltd and ThaiNamthip, the Coca-Cola bottler from Thailand, have recently launched the first bottling plant based at the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic. The inauguration ceremony was presided over by the chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola Co., Muhtar Kent.

The plant will undertake production of sparking Coca-Cola beverages for the Lao market, including Sprite, Fanta, and the face of the company, Coca-Cola. At a later date line, there is also a possibility that still beverage line to the plants production portfolio can also be added.

Pornwut Sarasin, the chairman of ThaiNamthip as well as of the joint venture Lao Coca-Cola Bottling said about the newly inaugurated plant that the inauguration of the plant is a significant step in the regionalization plans of ThaiNamthip as it is one of the regions oldest and most experienced beverage bottling and distribution companies. He added that the company is committed towards sharing its deep and long expertise in the field of production and supply of beverages within all the AEC countries.

With over US$30 million invested already in the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, the Coca-Cola system has also established three distribution centers in addition to the plant and serves nearly 4,300 retailers per week. A further investment of nearly US$10 million over the coming two years is expected to happen in this region from the Coca-Cola system.

Pornwut Sarasin said that the plant in Lao will also work with supply chains of Coca-Cola in the northeastern part of Thailand and supply some beverages, further enhancing the levels of customer service in northeastern Thailand.

Muhtar Kent said that the inauguration of this plant completes the presence of the beverage giant across the entire ASEAN. With the Lao plant, Coca-Cola will be able to manufacture and distribute beverages in each of the 10 member countries of ASEAN.