Audi and Porsche to Increase the Competition for Tesla in the Global Electric Cars Market

Published Date : Sep 15, 2015

The global electric car market is gearing up towards becoming a major automobile battleground since it would soon be showcasing two main glamorous automotive brands namely, Audi and Porsche. The models that have been launched by Audi and Porsche would become major competitors for Tesla Motors, which was a pioneer in the world of electric cars. 

Most consumers have shunned electric vehicles because they are highly priced and have a driving range that is very limited. Also the insufficient number of charging stations is another factor that has hampered the demand for electric vehicles. However, there are analysts who have stated that the sales trend will show improvements over the next ten years. Tesla, as a manufacturer of electric vehicles has exhibited favorable growth and been quite successful over the years. One of the main factors for the success of Tesla Motors has been their frequent adoption of newer technologies that have led to lower costs and enhanced driving range. 

Porsche and Audi are Germany based Volkswagens two main flagships that showcased 100% battery operated vehicles during the auto show that was held in Frankfurt on Monday. As per analysts, the effect of such a competition on Tesla is yet unknown. Being one of the premium and sought after car brands, Porsche and Audi fuel the already existing competition in a consumer market that apart from being wealthy, is environmentally highly conscious. This could also give a major boost to the electric car market which in turn may drive the performance of Tesla Motors in the long run. 

It is also predicted that such a step might increase the focus of the masses on the market for electric vehicles and also lead to greater awareness about the same. Consumers may also stand to gain substantially from the expanding range of electric cars being manufactured in the global automotive market.