Vasinee Food Corp. and Thai Agri Food Co. Launch FOCO, a 100% Pure Coconut Water

Published Date : Sep 26, 2012

Vasinee Food Corp., one of the largest U.S. wholesale food distributor and a leading importer of Thai and Asian food products and Thai Agri Food Co. a Thailand based food processing company, have launched FOCO, a popular new beverage categorized as 100% pure coconut water in the United States. These two companies have been producing and selling FOCO coconut juice and other coconut products in the U.S. for more than 25 years and now FOCO is the leading brand in the ethnic market. The shift to coconut water is a strategic and logical brand extension for both the companies.

The FOCO brand has been launched with aggressive advertising and marketing. A campaign was launched with the theme, “Go Loco For Foco”. Foco has also been promoted as a new brand of coconut water with natural minerals, ingredients and fresh coconut products.

According to Nina Vatthana, President of Vasinee, “We believe that FOCO Coconut Water will become popular among consumers quickly because it tastes so much better than competing brands.” “There is a good reason for this - the best tasting coconut water comes from young, green coconuts and natural ingredients that Agri uses in making FOCO coconut water,” she added.

Agri’s FOCO coconut water brand is one of the few brands in the market that uses single source coconuts in their manufacturing process. FOCO was first introduced in a 500 ml tetra pack which is in distribution now and becoming popular not only for its superior taste but also because of its low calorie ingredients.