FirstBank of Nigeria Unveils Lifestyle Mobile Banking App

Published Date : Sep 16, 2015

After Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region is standing out as an emerging market. One of the sector that is undergoing rapid development in the MENA region is that of the banking, finance services, and insurance. Many major global companies have entered the MENA’s BFSI sector and are investing heavily in order to expand their reach in this region.

Several firms in the global BFSI market are competing on the basis of providing better technological features to their consumers in the MENA market. Keeping up with this trend, recently, FirstBank of Nigeria announced the addition of integrated lifestyle phone banking app to their offering called FirstMobile. In a statement issued by the FirstBank it was mentioned that the mobile banking app is a very secure one and allows consumers to carry out banking transactions and browse lifestyle news content on the go from their smart phones.

According to the statement, this smartphone app will let consumers enjoy real time mobile banking services including domestic funds transfer from self-owned accounts to the other accounts such as FirstBank other accounts or other banks accounts. In addition to this, it will also make quick airtime purchase for others and self for all mobile networks, bank check services, bills payments, flight booking, and also other quick account services like checking account balance, bank statement view, and more.

The app also offers a unique access to the recent videos and articles on a wide variety of categories such as life and travel, technology and gadgets, luxury goods, local news, the economy, shopping, entertainment, sports, health, business, and more. This mobile application is free and can be downloaded by consumers of FirstBank Nigeria.

According to the Head of Digital Banking division of the FirstBank, this is another step for them to leverage the evolving technologies and provide fast and convenient financial services to their consumers in Nigeria.