Republicans Oppose the New Safety Rules for the Oil Drilling Industry

Published Date : Sep 16, 2015

The Republican administration criticized the Obama administration’s move to toughen the norms for offshore drilling. They said the new rules would be expensive for drillers and therefore turn out to be a threat to the oil and gas exploration projects along the national coasts.

The Interior Department’s standards to bridge the gap that exists in blowout preventer rules, a tool made for shutting a defunct well. In 2010, when such a device failed miserably as the BP gave up it led to a huge oil spill. However, the Republics have severely opposed the rules while at a meeting of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources in New Orleans. None of the Democrats attended this meeting.

Instead of strengthening the blowout preventers, the new set of rules need the companies to get stricter about real-time monitoring of drilling operations, demands that drillers do some more record keeping, and suggests steps for digging safer wells. These rules are expected to be fully implemented over a couple of years.

The new drilling rules have been a result of desperate need for better safety measures in offshore drilling after the disastrous oil spill in 2010. This incident killed 11 workers, wasted millions of gallons of crude oil, and totally sabotaged the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. Rob Bishop, committee's chairman stated that the new rules are only adding complexity without proving a point of reducing risk. He further added that if these rules are changed to cater to the demands of the industry, they will, for sure, shut down the oil and gas production and exploration in the Gulf