Internet Giants Aid Innovation for Chinese Healthcare Sector

Published Date : Sep 18, 2015

In China, the major internet companies such as Tencent Holdings Ltd., Alibaba, and Baidu Inc. are partnering with the healthcare sector. The partnership is in pursuit of use of technology that would benefit services in hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics in the healthcare sector in China.

Even though the internet healthcare industry is nascent, it has attracted several internet kings, which are determined to refurbish the sector. The aim is to drive the healthcare sector to be technology and have a service-oriented mindset, as commented by a senior analyst at Analysys International, a research company.

As stated by the report, in China the healthcare sector has been revolutionized by innovation in the Internet. This helps patient to receive benefits such as online consultations and information pertaining to health data. 

Going with the pursuit, Alibaba and Hubei Chest Hospital have partnered in the smart app project. The app helps to link pharmacies with the help of an e-prescription system that has been developed by Alibaba.

In the coming years, this will help improve traffic to drugstores and also relieve pressure on hospitals, as stated by the President of Hebei Chest Hospital.

As further added by the report, online technology is also enabling fast transformation of a large number of medical institutions. This year in April, an initiative ‘Cloud Hospital’ was introduced by Alibaba at the Hubei Chest Hospital. This was aimed to promote partnership between several medical centers in China.

While on the other hand, in July this year, Baidu signed an agreement for a strategic partnership with the company This will allow people to make online appointments to visit a doctor.

In the pursuit, Tencent is also making efforts to aid the healthcare sector by partnering with medical instrument manufacturers such as Guangdong Biolight Meditech Co. Ltd.