Report Provides Comprehensive Overview of Global Kinesiology Tape Market

Published Date : Mar 21, 2016

ALBANY, New York, March 21, 2016: The global market for kinesiology tape has been examined in a detailed market research report recently added to the vast market research report database of The report thoroughly assesses the major elements of the market and presents before the reader quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to their state in the past and present years, and in the global market as well as regional markets.

The report is titled “Global Kinesiology Tape Industry 2016 Market Research Report”.

Kinesiology tape is an elastic and thin cotton strip that comes with an acrylic adhesive for applying the tape to the skin. Kinesiology tape is very identical to human skin in terms of elasticity and thickness, allowing it to be applied without causing any constriction or restriction to body movements. Kinesiology tape is widely used for treating a variety of physical disorders and athletic injuries.

First introduced in Japan, kinesiology tapes were mainly used by Japanese athletes for the first decade after their introduction. Over the past many years, kinesiology tapes have seen widespread adoption throughout the globe.

The report presents a comprehensive overview of the market with a ground-up approach. The report begins with the industry-specific definitions of crucial market elements, advancing to details regarding industry chain structure of the global market, status of market elements across regional markets, technology and manufacturing plants reports, production capacity and revenue reports by regions, manufacturers and types, etc.

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The report includes vast data that has been gathered with the help of a number of primary and secondary market research techniques and narrowed down with the help of several industry-specific market reports methods. The report also furnishes detailed data pertaining to the regulatory scenario of the global kinesiology tape market, wherein details regarding the major rules, regulations, plans, and policies are included.

The report segments the global kinesiology tapes market in terms of product type into roll form kinesiology tapes and type two kinesiology tapes.

Major applications of kinesiology tapes studied in the report include achilles tendonitis, jumpers knee (PFS), plantar fasciitis, tennis and golf elbow, ACL/MCL issues, pain associated with pregnancy, shin splints, groin and hamstring pulls, postural correction, lower back issue, and skin and abrasion protection.

The report also presents a detailed overview of the competitive landscape of the market. The report presents thorough business profiles of the major market vendors who have been instrumental in shaping the market’s competitive dynamics over the past years, an reports of recent developments, and inputs from industry experts.

Major companies in the market profiled in the report include SpiderTech, Kinesio Taping, KT TAPE, RockTape, StrengthTape, Nitto Denko, Healixon, Towatek Korea, Mueller, Atex Medical, LP, TERA Medical, K-active, DL Medical & Health, Kindmax, Socko, and Medsport.

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