Despite Cost Pressures, OEMs in Automotive Sensors Market to Reap Profits from Autonomous Vehicles Trend

Published Date : Apr 04, 2016

Albany, New York, April 04, 2016: A growing focus on achieving improved passenger safety and decrease the impact of vehicles on the environment has put the automotive sensors market on the path to steady growth. A new report available on studies the trajectory of this market by closely scrutinizing various growth drivers, restraints, and opportunities in this space. The report is titled, ‘Global Automotive Sensors Market 2016-2020.’ The findings of the study show that the global automotive sensors market will exhibit a 6.92% CAGR through the forecast period of the report, which ranges from 2016-2020.

As mentioned before, a growing emphasis on the safety of occupants will fuel the automotive sensors market. However, the high cost pressures on OEMs, in view of a highly competitive market, will likely restrain growth to some degree. The impact of this restraint will be mild and perhaps temporary given that automotive sensors are expected to see a spike in demand with the advent of autonomous vehicles.

A sensor is a device that monitors the surrounding environment to detect stimulus changes to send this data to a connected electronic system. An automotive sensor is no different in that it gathers data from its immediate environment (either inside or outside a vehicle) to intimate the control unit. Sensors are programmed to detect variations in a vehicle’s chemical or temperature levels, processes, and physical structure. When a sensor detects a change in these parameters, it sends out an electronic signal to the respective control unit, which measures and records the degree of change to perform the required action. Thus, an automotive sensor could be used for measuring tire pressure, wheel speed, fluid level, emissions, temperature, and more.

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The report on the automotive sensors market features an extensive coverage of the present scenario in the market at both global and regional levels. Market sizing has been performed based on revenue generated through sales. However, it is important to note here that the report studies the automotive sensors market at the OEM level and does not include an reports of aftermarket sales.

To present a holistic reports of the automotive sensors market, the following regions are covered in detail: EMEA, APAC, and the Americas. Similarly, the detailed competitive profile of the automotive sensors market forms an important part of the study. The vendors profiled for this purpose are: Continental AG, Bosch GmbH, DENSO Corp., Delphi Automotive plc, and Sensata Technologies Inc.

The report, composed of 90 pages, has been prepared by a team of highly experienced analysts specializing in the automotive sector. Several hours of primary and secondary research have gone into the making of this report, with each key finding being cross verified by a separate panel of industry experts.

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