New Report Provides Overview of Opportunities Prevalent in Global Bipolar Disorder Market

Published Date : Apr 11, 2016

ALBANY, New York, April 11, 2016 – announces the addition of a new report to its repository. The report is titled “EpiCast Report: Bipolar Disorder - Epidemiology Forecast to 2024” and is available on the website for sale.

The report presents a comprehensive overview of the prevalent cases of bipolar disorders and presents an in-depth overview of the epidemiology of the disorder spectrum in the eight major markets (8MM). Countries included in 8MM are the U.S, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada, and the U.K. The patterns and causes of the disorders are studied in detail in the report, which also provides insights into the effect of the disorders.

Bipolar disorder, also known as maniac or bipolar depression, is a psychological disorder that triggers severe shifts in the patient’s mood from one extreme to another. These mood swings mostly occur in a periodic or cyclic pattern and may include feelings of emotional highs (hypomania or mania) and lows. Between the episodes of mood swings, it is normal for patients to return to their regular state of mind. The disorder can be debilitating when patients undergo a maniac or depressive episode. These incidents can tremendously effect a person’s ability to perform work or maintain healthy relations with others.

In 2014, 13,808,283 12-month and 23,140,488 lifetime prevalent cases of bipolar disorder were registered across the eight major markets. Among the cases of lifetime prevalent disorder, 52.15% suffered from cyclothymic disorder, 24.58% of the patients were bipolar I, and 23.37% were bipolar II. The epidemiologists who compiled the report have forecasted that by 2024, approximately 14,703,622 12-month and 24,616,577 lifetime prevalent cases of bipolar disorder will be reported.

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The report includes forecasts for 12-month and lifetime prevalent cases, both undiagnosed and diagnosed, of the bipolar spectrum across the eight major markets. Information included in the report is sourced from in-depth data based on international and national epidemiological studies. Excerpts and valuable data from prominent regional level studies of bipolar disorder is also included in the report. Apart from this, the report also includes 10-year epidemiological forecasts for both lifetime prevalent and 12-month cases of cyclothymic disorder, bipolar I, and bipolar II disorder. Information thus compiled is presented in a logical chapter-wise format in the report.

The report is therefore compiled to help existing players in the market as well as new entrants develop business strategies based on the trends driving and restraining the global bipolar disorder market. It quantifies the patient population in a global scenario to improve product designs, launch plans, and product pricing. Furthermore, the information included in the report will also help businesses efficiently organize their marketing and sales efforts by identifying the age and sex groups that at present exhibit the most lucrative opportunities for bipolar therapeutics across each of the markets covered.

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