Global Market for Radiation Therapy Fueled by Strong Support from Government and Authorities

Published Date : Apr 11, 2016

Albany, New York, April 11, 2016: announces the addition of a new research report to its vast repository of market intelligence publications. The 53-page research study is titled “Global Radiation Therapy Market Report: 2016 Edition” and studies the scope, dynamics, and structure of the global radiation therapy market. This report covers the radiation therapy market in three regions: Asia, Europe, and North America. These regional markets are evaluated based on patient volume and proton rooms.

The report reveals that one of the most impressive advancements in the field of radiotherapy is the development of liner accelerators as well as proton treatment. Proton treatment, also referred to as proton beam treatment, is a form of radiation therapy that uses protons in place of x-beams for the treatment of a particular disease. This extremely precise strategy of radiotherapy relies on conclusions and is suitable for almost all patients, irrespective of their age. A linear accelerator, or LINAC, enables the customization of high energy x-rays so as to conform to the shape of the tumor and destroys cancer cells. The surrounding unaffected tissue is spared with the linear accelerator.

The market for proton treatment is more focused in the Americas, with a larger market in North America. Over the past couple of years, it has been observed that the pace of innovation in Asian and European economies has gone up, thanks to support from the authorities concerned. Owing to the enthusiasm of the governments and the rise in incomes, the innovation surrounding proton treatment has made rapid progress in several regions across the globe.

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The report identifies the major growth drivers, opportunities, trends, and restraints that impact the expansion of the radiation therapy market. According to the report, the global market for radiation therapy is fueled by the rising preference for noninvasive procedures, the surging incidence of different types of cancers, several major technological innovations, and the increase in aging population. Key trends such as pencil beam scanning are also likely to positively impact the growth of the radiation therapy market. In contrast, the shortages in several low- to middle-income countries, the high cost of installation, strict regulations, the unfavorable rate of reimbursements, and the cost pressures of prostate cancer are some of the leading factors hampering the growth of the global radiation therapy market.

The report identifies the leading players competing in the global radiation therapy market and profiles them based on a business and financial overview and key business strategies. Varian Medical Systems Inc., Accuray Inc., and Elekta are the three companies reviewed in the report based on the global radiation therapy market. The competitive landscape has been evaluated on two fronts: market share and product comparison. Under product comparison, the market has been studied based on price metrics and features. Under market share, the competitive landscape covers proton center and room sales and linear accelerators.

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