Global Ultrasound Devices Market Benefits from Modernization of Healthcare in Developing Countries

Published Date : Apr 11, 2016

ALBANY, New York, April 11, 2016: A market study, titled “Ultrasound Device Market, Numbers & Forecast Worldwide Analysis,” has been featured on’s online repository of market intelligence. The report presents a comprehensive reports of the fast-evolving and highly promising ultrasound market around the world. The 85-page report, with a total of 68 pictorial representations, examines this market from the perspectives of market share, number reports, clinical applications, and sales of ultrasound devices regionally and globally.

Ultrasound waves are sound waves that have a frequency higher than the audible range of the human ear. They are used in several fields and are no different from normal sound in its physical properties. Ultrasound devices operate at frequencies in the range from 20 kHz to several gigahertz. These devices are used to identify objects and calculate distances. Ultrasound imaging is extensively used in medicine. For industrial use, ultrasound is used for mixing, cleaning, and for accelerating chemical processes. In their most recent application, scientists are studying ultrasound-based graphene diaphragms for communication purposes.

The report presents findings about the growth of the ultrasound devices market across various parts of the world in the coming years. The report says that the global market for ultrasound devices will reach a valuation of US$10 bn by 2021. While the U.S. accounts for the largest share in this market, China accounts for the highest market share in terms of the number of ultrasound diagnostic procedures that are carried out.

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Generally, the ultrasound devices markets in developed countries are mature, however, the need to replace obsolete equipment and upgrade technologies will benefit this market. On the contrary, in several developing countries, healthcare infrastructure is still nascent and there is immense potential for the deployment of ultrasound devices for modern healthcare. According to the report’s projections, by 2021, the ultrasound devices market in China and India will be triple and double that of their market sizes in 2010, respectively.

In medicine, the clinical application segments of ultrasound devices are radiology, cardiovascular screening, musculoskeletal screening, obstetrics and gynecology, gastroenterology/endoscopy, and other applications. Of all, radiology is the leading clinical application segment of the ultrasound devices market.

A distinguishable feature of the report is the competitive reports of this market. This includes names and competitive profiles of key vendors and sales reports of these companies for the 2010-2021 period. GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Phillips Healthcare, and Toshiba Medical System, among others, are actively involved in the ultrasound device market.

The report has been prepared employing validated analytical tools and research methodologies after an extensive primary and secondary research phase. In the secondary phase of the research, data has been collected from several printable and non-printable sources such as search engines, government websites, government agencies, trade associations, trade journals, news websites, white papers, magazines, books, newspapers, industry portals, and 500+ paid databases.

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