2015-2020 Demand Analysis of Board Portal Market Presented in New Report

Published Date : May 02, 2016

ALBANY, New York, May 02, 2016: MarketReseachReports.biz has added a market study, titled “Global Board Portal Market: Trends & Opportunities (2016 Edition),” to its expanding database. It provides a forecast reports of the progression of global and regional board portal market for the 2015-2020 period by taking into consideration market trends, historical and current growth rates, and product innovations in the context of board portal. These aspects are evaluated for the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe for the aforementioned period.

This report presents a detailed overview of various delivery models of board portals with their distinguishing features and a comparison reports of the same. Enterprise software licensing, hosted, and SaaS (software as a service) are the three types of delivery models for board portals that have been scrutinized for their penetration rate in the market.

A board portal is an application that is designed for facilitating information exchange between a company’s board of directors and the company. It is a secure online tool for an organization to organize documents and transmit them to board members, which they can view and interact with via their phone, iPad or a PC.

The introductory part of the report provides a brief about board portals, their history, and how they evolved to become an integral part of organizational functioning. Following this, a comparison of in-house v/s hosted board portals is presented at the end of this section. This includes cost implications and risk implementation of the various types of board portal modules.

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The report enumerates several factors that are driving the global board portal market. Of these, the increasing utilization of tablet computers such as iPads among board members of companies is the foremost reason driving the global board portal market. This, along with access to company data using cloud computing, is favoring this market’s growth. An increasing number of cyber-crimes that require round-the-clock monitoring of crucial business information is also augmenting the market’s progression.

However, the industry is facing certain growth impediments as well. The restricted use of board portals in industries such as the education industry is detrimental to the market’s progression. In such scenarios, there is no medium for crucial information to be transmitted securely, thus posing a difficulty for confidential information to be viewed by board members. In addition, the initial development cost of board portals, difficulty in shifting from existing processes to board portals, and incompatibility of board portals with board meeting apps is posing a challenge to this market’s growth. Board portals have another downside: Permanent connectivity insufficiencies. This further hinders this market’s growth.

The report studies some of the newer trends that have come to the fore and are significant to comprehend the market’s progression. The healthcare industry is exhibiting higher adoption of board portals for business information exchange in keeping with its expeditious growth. A board portal facilitates corporate governance, which is another marked trend observed in this industry. 

Some of the top players in the global board portal market are Diligent, BoardEffect, NASDAQ, and Passageways.                                                                                               

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