Global Exercise Oxygen Equipment Market - A Competitive Analysis

Published Date : May 02, 2016

Albany, New York, May 02, 2016: Global market research aggregator has featured a new report in its growing collection of market research studies. The new report studies the global exercise oxygen equipment market’s historical trajectory till 2016, its present conditions, and expected future trajectory from 2016 till 2022. The competitive dynamics of the global exercise oxygen equipment market are described in detail in this report by listing the products currently in the market as well as products in the pipeline. The report is titled ‘Exercise Oxygen Equipment: Market Shares, Strategies, And Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 To 2022’ and is available on the website for sale.

The human body needs oxygen for respiration. During exercise, the body needs more oxygen, since carbon dioxide can build up in the body during exercise. Due to rising awareness of this, the demand for exercise oxygen equipment is rising. The rising prevalence of obesity has also helped the global exercise oxygen equipment market, since obesity hyperventilation syndrome exacerbates the buildup of CO2 in the body during exercise and reduces the oxygen intake.

The report gives a brief summary of the biological aspects of the exercise oxygen equipment market, including an explanation of why exercise is important for the human body and how respiration works. Supplemental oxygen helps exercisers regain their normal breathing patterns, and oxygen equipment is particularly needed if the exerciser has a preexisting respiratory condition. Exercise oxygen equipment doesn’t always consist of stored oxygen; some exercise oxygen devices supply oxygen filtered out from the air. The functions of portable oxygen concentrators, the effect of using exercise oxygen equipment on the immune system, and the effect of supplementary oxygen on brain function are also detailed in the report.

Apart from conventional exercise, oxygen equipment is also used by mountaineers, since they have to carry out an extremely strenuous activity, sometimes in places where the atmospheric oxygen density falls below the optimum levels. Professional athletes such as soccer, football, basketball, and hockey players also make use of supplemental oxygen to boost their performance levels.

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According to consumer type, the report segments the global exercise oxygen equipment market into athletic oxygen equipment, corporate gym exercise oxygen equipment, sports club gym exercise oxygen equipment, home exercise oxygen equipment, and the market for wearables associated with exercise oxygen equipment.

The report also examines the competitive landscape of the global market for exercise oxygen equipment, to provide readers a clear idea of the leaders and the stragglers in the market. Major companies in the market include Boost Sports and Exercise Oxygen, GoOxygen, Summit Oxygen, Philips Respironics, NTK, Devilbiss, Invacare, and Drive Medical. The report examines the major products manufactured by these entities as well the major projects these companies have in the pipeline, in order to provide a 360-degree overview of the competitive landscape of the global exercise oxygen equipment industry.

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