New Report Examines Global Substance Abuse Deterrents and Treatments Market, Pipeline

Published Date : May 02, 2016

Albany, New York, May 02, 2016: has announced the addition of a new report to its online repository of market reports studies. The new report, titled ‘Substance Abuse Deterrents And Treatments - An Assessment Of The Technological, Competitive And R&D Landscape,’ examines the statistics regarding substance abuse across the world, analyzing the social, economic, and medical impact of substance abuse.

Substance abuse is the usage of certain drugs in amounts that are harmful to the individual as well as their community. Substance abuse is almost always harmful in medical terms, since all drugs have significant adverse effects in large quantities. Apart from the harm done to the individual, substance abuse also affects their immediate family and friends, since a substance abuser can become violent and cause physical, financial, or even emotional harm. Substance abuse can also lead to less time spent at work, leading to economic harm to the substance abuser and their family. Substance abusers can also become a drain on public health systems and thus affect the society on the whole. Thus, the market for substance abuse deterrents and treatments has risen rapidly in the last few decades.

The number of illicit drug users has risen rapidly in those few decades, due to the increasing liberalization of the Western society, the preexisting legalization of drugs such as alcohol, and increasing support for legalization of drugs such as marijuana. This has led to increasing governmental support for substance abuse deterrents and treatments.

The report presents readers important details about substance abuse, including data on the most common substances abused around the world and the contributing factors of drug abuse. Abuse of prescription or over-the-counter drugs is also explored in the report, with a major part of substance abuse around the world comprising prescription or OTC drugs.

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The major symptoms of substance abuse are detailed in the report. Identifying substance abuse can be difficult due not just to the difficulty in identifying the thin line between controlled use and abuse but also to social norms, due to which identifying a substance abuser in one’s close acquaintance can become embarrassing for even a concerned individual. Accordingly, the social and economic impact of substance abuse comprises a major part of the report.

The role of international bodies such as the UN and the International Narcotics Control Board in deterring, controlling, and treating substance abuse is also mentioned in the report, since strong intergovernmental cooperation and regulatory support are necessary to eradicate substance abuse. Subsequently, the different approaches taken by various countries to tackle the problem of substance abuse have been described in the report and reports of unmet needs in substance abuse treatment is given.

The report includes case studies of Embeda, Suboxone, aversion technology, osmotic extended-release oral delivery systems, INTAC technology, iCRT-deter, DETERx technology, and Prodrug in combination with MPAR technology, and studies other products and therapies in the market for substance abuse deterrents and treatments.

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