Diamond Mining Market in Botswana Receives Impetus from Local Governing Bodies and Laws

Published Date : May 16, 2016

Albany, New York, May 16, 2016: MarketResearchReports.biz announces the addition of a new research report to its vast database of market publications. This 23-page research publication is titled “Diamond Mining in Botswana to 2020” and offers a comprehensive coverage of the diamond mining industry in Botswana. The diamond reserves in the country have been studied based on grade and deposits and historic as well as forecast information on rough diamond production in selected mines has been provided.

Given that Botswana has large reserves of copper, diamond, silver, and nickel, mining is a thriving industry in the country and in 2014, mining accounted for a 22.90% share in the overall GDP. Diamond mining is an export-oriented industry and rough diamonds account for a whopping 70.0% share in the total export revenue of Botswana. In the first half of last year, these exports amounted to roughly US$1.7 bn.

In 2014, Botswana boasted of having the third-largest diamond reserves in the world, with Kgalagadi and Central districts being the most significant contributors. The country was also the fourth-largest rough diamond producing nation in the world that year, producing 24.7 Mct. The increased production in 2014 can be attributed to the Orapa mine located in the Central district of Botswana.

A clear and objective overview of the diamond mining industry in Botswana has been provided in the research study, along with in-depth information pertaining to the production of rough diamonds and the consumption and trade of the same. Historical data from 2000 to 2011 gives clients an idea of the workings of the Botswana diamond mining market over the years and a forecast up until 2020 allows readers to plan ahead. The report also sheds light on the leading growth factors and impediments impacting the diamond industry in the country. In addition to this, a list of prominent active and planned diamond mines has also been included in the report.

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An entire section in the study has been dedicated to the fiscal regime that has had a significant impact on the development of the mining industry in Botswana. Information pertaining to the country’s regulatory status, authority, licenses, and laws as well as details related to rates, taxes, and other charges in mining have also been provided.

The publication profiles two of the most prominent players competing in the Botswana diamond mining market: Lucara Diamond Corp and Debswana Diamond Company Pty Ltd. an overview of these companies, a business description, and ongoing, past, and upcoming diamond projects have been covered in this segment.

The research report has been prepared using information sourced from primary and secondary research, proprietary databases, and in-house analyses. Inputs from industry experts have also been included to guide clients in their decision-making process.

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