North America Education Technology Market Receives Impetus with Need to Incorporate Creative Learning

Published Date : May 30, 2016

ALBANY, NY, May 30, 2016: A new market study, titled “Education Technology Market in North America 2015-2019,” has been featured on’s online repository of market intelligence. The research report presents a detailed outlook of how technology-driven education will fare in North America in the future. The report is prepared after a thorough understanding of the education system and how digitization can take education to greater heights in this region. 

According to the report, the North America education technology market will rise at a CAGR of 9.07% between 2016 and 2020.

The research report presents the growth rate and market size estimates for the North America education technology market for the forecast period. The market size is estimated based on the aggregated revenue generated by sales of hardware and software and services. On the competitive front, the report mentions and profiles top vendors that operate in this industry.

The market study analyzes the vital aspects about the North America education technology market until the end of 2020. The report says that the need to develop creative and innovative delivery models for learning is primarily driving this market. Educationists and academicians are stressing upon the need for holistic learning rather than classroom-based rote learning. However, the reluctance to accept alternative mediums of learning in place of traditional means poses a challenge to the growth of this industry. Nevertheless, the consistently increasing adoption of mobile devices and tablets will benefit the growth of this market in the future, says the report.

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Presently, digitization forms the basis of information sharing for any industry to reach a global audience. In the education arena, a technology-driven system uses resources, information, and professional development opportunities to modify teaching methodologies. Moreover, it gives teachers the chance to enhance the learning experience for students by employing multimedia technologies and disseminate knowledge with the aid of an array of tools such as digital text, interactive presentations, graphics, and audio visual content.

Across the world, the inclusion of technology for education is governed by economic factors as well. Due to the increased competition in the labor market, combined with the widening skills gap among individuals, the focus is on raising education standards for productivity and performance delivery. To address this, the education industry is stressing upon adopting the digital medium to impart effective skills-based education. This has benefitted in enhancing education quality and in making the learning environment more effective. Consequently, the demand for electronic devices such as projectors, desktops, and sound systems is on the rise.

Some of the top vendors that operate in the North America education technology industry are Apple, Microsoft, 2U, Blackboard, and Knewton. Some other vendors that have a presence in this market are Aptara, Discovery Communication, Ellucian, IBM, Articulate, Echo360, Jenzabar, and Promethean World.

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