Global Industrial Barcode Scanner Market Grows on Account of Need for Effective Storage of Industrial Data

Published Date : Jun 07, 2016

ALBANY, NY, June 07, 2016: A market study, titled “Global Industrial Barcode Scanner Market 2016-2020,” has been featured on’s online repository of market intelligence. The report is a top-level study for comprehending the market landscape and development trends of the global industrial barcode scanner market, based on which a growth reports for the forecast period from 2016-2020 is presented. This report on the global industrial barcode scanner market is compiled after an extensive research phase and inputs obtained from industry experts. Analysts reached out to industry associations, manufacturing units, and production houses to collate primary data for the report.

The report says that the global industrial barcode scanner market will rise at a 6.13% CAGR from 2016 to 2020.

Barcode scanning is one of the most widely used technologies for automatic data capture (ADC). Barcodes are attached to objects to retrieve data accurately. 1D barcodes are the earliest form of barcodes used for storing information. In 1D barcodes, parallel lines represent data; these lines have varying widths and spaces between them. Following this, barcodes evolved into dots, hexagons, rectangles, and other two-dimensional geometric patterns. These are known as 2D barcodes.

The report includes top vendors in the global industrial barcode scanner market, which are Honeywell International, Datalogic, and Zebra Technologies. Some other prominent vendors in this industry are Aceeca, Bluebird, DENSO, Fujitsu, Handheld Group, NCR, RIOTEC, TouchStar Technologies, Advantech, CIPERLAB, Eurotech, Generalscan, Juniper Systems, Optican, Shenzhen Unique Electronic International, and ZEBEX Industries.

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The growth of this market is occurring due to several reasons. The need to capture and store data accurately in industrial settings, which is usually vastis the foremost factor driving the industrial barcode scanner market. Industrial units of any size need to deal with high volumes of data pertaining to production, inventory, logistics, and wages, which needs to be stored accurately. Barcode scanners serve the purpose with reliability and accuracy. With technological advancement, the demand for handheld and robust industrial barcode scanners is on the rise, which will further drive this market.

However, an increasing number of alternative methods for data retrieval will prove detrimental to the growth of this industry. High capital investment and high degree of competition among vendors is also challenging the market’s growth. Nevertheless, the development of this industry will be marked by certain trends. In emerging markets, rapid industrialization will create notable demand for barcode scanners. Increasing expenditures on R&D into rugged devices and the ones that can handle big data will also support the growth of this industry until the end of 2020.

The report is compiled in a chapter-wise format and the chapters are further divided into sub-sections. The report contains an array of pictorial representations that depict the changing market landscape over the forecast period.

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