South Africa Bottled Water Market Likely to be Restrained by Increasing Purchase of Water Purifiers

Published Date : Jun 07, 2016

Albany, NY, June 07, 2016: has added a new report to its online repository of market research studies encompassing a wide variety of industries. The report describes the South Africa bottled water market, elaborating on every aspect of the market in order to provide a comprehensive review to readers.

The report takes into account the drivers and restraints influencing the trajectory of the South Africa bottled water market, the performance of the various segments of the market, and the competitive and regulatory dynamics that shape the market. The report is titled ‘Bottled Water Market In South Africa 2016-2020’ and is available for sale on the official website of

According to the report, the South Africa bottled water market’s revenue is expected to exhibit a steady 7.01% CAGR from 2016 to 2020. The low quality of water supplied by the local authorities in South Africa is elaborated upon as the primary driver for the South Africa bottled water market.

Bottling of water consists of extracting water from natural reservoirs and purifying it before selling it in packaged form. The water thus sold can be still water, sparkling water, mineral water, and flavored water. Still and sparkling water are the main forms of bottled water sold in South Africa. Sparkling water is differentiated from still water by being carbonated; still water is similar to tap water and doesn’t contain any added ‘fizz’.

The report provides information regarding the demand for each type of bottled water sold in the South Africa market: Still flavored water, still unflavored water, sparkling flavored water, and sparkling unflavored water.

The major driver for the South Africa bottled water market is the high risk of water contamination in South Africa. Even though advanced infrastructure is now being extended across South Africa, it still remains far from being a developed country. This has led to a growing preference for bottled water over tap water.

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However, the rising urbanization in South Africa and the country’s increasing GDP is allowing more people to purchase water purifiers. This has emerged as a significant threat to the South Africa bottled water market and is likely to remain so in the coming years.

The report also elaborates on various other factors expected to play a role in the trajectory of the South Africa bottled water market. The current condition of the South African economy and its impact on the South Africa bottled water market is described in the report. A comparative reports of the performance of the bottled water and soft drinks markets in South Africa is also presented in the report. The overall bottled water market in the Middle East and Africa is also described in the report in order to help readers understand the position of the South Africa market in it.

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