US Real-time Bidding Market Driven by Increasing Use of Internet-enabled Consumer Electronics

Published Date : Jun 20, 2016

Albany, NY, June 20, 2016: Real-time bidding is a crucial part of the online advertising world and has become increasingly important with the growing availability of consumer electronics that support internet usage. A new report added to the growing online market intelligence catalog of studies the US market for real-time bidding and presents a granular reports of the market’s crucial dynamics. The report is titled ‘Real-Time Bidding Market In The US 2016-2020’ and is available for sale on the official website of

The increasing usage of web-based platforms of various kinds is the prime driver for the US real-time bidding market. The increase in the demand for online video viewing and other online media, in particular, has driven the demand for real-time bidding.

The increasing use of consumer electronics such as laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones to access web-based services has brought about a transformation in the hierarchy of the advertising industry. Instead of focusing on conventional advertising methods, vendors are now emphasizing upon their digital advertising capabilities. This is a major driver for the US real-time bidding market.

According to the report added to the market research database of, the US real-time bidding market is expected to exhibit a robust 24.78% CAGR from 2016 to 2020.

The increase in the use of Internet-enabled consumer electronics in recent years has been driven primarily by the increasing disposable income of the newly urbanized middle class. The increasing size of the middle-class consumer group is thus a key driver for the US real-time bidding market.

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The improved set of consumer information available from online behavioral reports has driven the demand for virtual means of advertising. Due to the presence of several digital trackers and the information gained from studying the behavior of consumers on websites and web portals, applying consumer insights to product design and behavioral insights to advertising has never been easier. The improved audience targeting mechanism enabled by online behavior tracking has driven the US real-time bidding market.

On the other hand, the lack of transparency about behavior reports mechanisms has restrained the US real-time bidding market at present, as consumers are understandably wary of a disruptive technology. Awareness regarding the security risk posed by unauthorized use of user data gathered from online behavior reports is growing among modern consumers, restricting the US real-time bidding market. However, the increasing use of mobile-based portals is expected to drive the real-time bidding market in the region.

In terms of the competitive landscape of the US real-time bidding market, key players such as ONE by AOL, TubeMogul, SpotXChange, AppNexus, Google, Facebook, Tremor Video, Platform One, Criteo, Microsoft, and BrightRoll, and Rubicon Project are profiled in the report. This will allow readers to figure out the competitive dynamics of the US real-time bidding market, including the best collaboration opportunities and the contenders to be wary of.

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