Energy Efficiency Benefits of ICT to Raise Global ICT Spends in Energy Sector

Published Date : Aug 01, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Aug 01, 2016 - has added a new report, titled ‘Global ICT Spends In Energy Sector - Future Perspective To 2019,’ to its offering. This report presents an amalgamation of both primary and secondary research and has been compiled to provide a detailed understanding of ICT spends in the energy sector.

The prime technological advancements taking place in the ICT market and how these advancements can be applied in the energy sector has also been explained under this study. In addition, the report also predicts the future of the energy sector and elaborates on how the ICT market could help bring efficiency in this sector. Furthermore, the report also helps the key players in making effective business decisions as per the opportunities present in each of the core areas in the ICT sector.

This report presents the year by year expenditure in the sector of energy by the ICT market across more than 30 countries. This spending has been studied across categories such as IT security software, IT services, IT hardware, enterprise applications, enterprise communications, enterprise mobility management, cloud services, and BPO services. The report also helps the readers in getting equipped with the opportunities present for the ICT market in the energy sector. It presents the breakdown of key trends and opportunities present in particular technology categories of the energy sector.

The report starts by elaborating on the opportunities present in the energy sector for the ICT market. As per the report, the demand for energy is predicted to rise owing to the increasing improvements in the living standards of people and the globally rising population. In addition, the migration of individuals to urban areas from rural areas and the advancement of urban infrastructures will also raise the demand for energy globally. This is why companies dominant in the energy sector are also likely to make huge investments in ICT owing to the growing requirement to establish intelligent electronic networking for all components of an energy system.

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In addition, by the use of ICT in the energy sector, the energy efficiency has increased by a great degree. A number of ICT companies have invested in research and technology advancements in the sector of energy. This has further helped in server power consumption, encouraged the utilization of multi-core processors at reduced nanometer sizes, and supported the increased adoption of LCD displays globally.

In the next section of the report, the opportunity in the market for ICT in the energy sector has been studied on the basis of geography. The report analyzes the state of the market across countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Denmark, Indonesia, the United States, Russia, Belgium, Canada, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Singapore, China, Austria, India, South Africa, Turkey, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Malaysia, Brazil, Germany, Norway, France, Ireland, and Finland.

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