Global Virtual Reality Market in Healthcare Sector to Exhibit 19.37% CAGR 2014-2019 owing to Growing Mergers and Acquisitions

Published Date : Aug 08, 2016

Albany, NY, Aug 08, 2016: Virtual reality systems allow users to communicate with others in a 3D, computer-simulated environment. Visual devices are primarily used to enable 3D communication between users. Virtual reality systems find application in public entertainment, healthcare, gaming devices, and many other areas. The healthcare sector is a key adopter of innovative virtual reality systems. In the healthcare industry, virtual reality systems are increasingly being used for phobia treatment, skills training, robotic surgery, and surgery simulation. The growing adoption of virtual reality systems by healthcare organizations is predicted to propel the global market. has added a new research report on the global virtual reality market in the healthcare sector. According to the report, organizations operating in the healthcare sector use virtual reality systems to update their existing skills and learn new ones in a safe environment. Doctors can also use virtual reality tools in combination with MRI scans to diagnose medical conditions and arrive at a suitable treatment.

The market is predicted to register significant growth in the next five years owing to the rising number of companies acquiring small-scale organizations for the introduction of new virtual reality systems. However, software and hardware issues are expected to challenge many companies operating in the global virtual reality market in the healthcare sector, predict the analysts. 

The report, titled ‘Global Virtual Reality Market In Healthcare Sector 2015-2019,’ states that the market will exhibit a 19.37% CAGR during the period from 2014 to 2019. Mergers and acquisitions are predicted to propel the global virtual reality market in the healthcare market. The research report highlights various types of virtual reality systems. The report also briefs readers about the various factors driving and restricting the growth of the market.  

As per the findings of the research, currently, the global virtual reality market in the healthcare sector is highly competitive in nature. Key companies are focusing on introducing new virtual reality systems in the global market to meet the changing needs of people. DeepStream VR, EON Reality, Virtalis, VirtaMed, Vuzix, ALife Studios, Hologic, Laster Technologies, and Mimic Technologies are some of the key companies listed in the report on the global virtual reality market in the healthcare sector.

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According to the report, mergers between key companies and startups will benefit the global market for virtual reality in the healthcare sector. By acquiring new entrants, key companies aim to maintain their dominance. On the other hand, merging with key companies will allow new entrants to adopt new technologies and thus increase their scope.

The report identifies various types of virtual reality systems – immersive virtual reality systems, non-immersive virtual reality systems, and the semi-immersive virtual reality systems are the key types. For a competitive reports, the global virtual reality market in the healthcare sector is regionally divided into APAC, EMEA, and the Americas.

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