China Power Market to Grow Owing to Rising Adoption of Energy-efficient Technologies

Published Date : Aug 16, 2016

Albany, NY, Aug 16, 2016: At present, China’s power market is the largest consumer of electricity, surpassing the U.S. in 2011. The majority of electricity in the China power market is generated from coal. As per recent history, the China power market is characterized by rapid growth. China also has the largest wind power capacity, the largest thermal power capacity, largest solar power, and largest hydropower capacity. China has the third-largest coal reserves in the world. These are the crucial findings of a new report recently added by to its online repository. 

The research report, titled ‘China Power Market Outlook To 2030, Update 2016 - Market Trends, Regulations, And Competitive Landscape,’ states that the market will grow steadily from 2016 to 2030. The report briefs readers about the structure of the power market, its historical data, forecasts, and new ways of power generation. The research report also highlights broader parameters such as supply security, transmission infrastructure, the degree of competition, and the entry of new companies. The research also talks about the regulatory scenario, future potential, and the dominance of key companies.

The report lists key drivers and restraints of the China power market. By technology, the global China power market is classified into thermal, nuclear, hydro, and renewable. Strong regulatory framework and rising funding from the government are predicted to benefit the China power market.  

Although the China power market is set for a steady expansion, the market is predicted to face certain challenges. China is reportedly unable to mine the required amount of coal and transport it in required quantities to meet the growing demand. Moreover, the volume of coal that is burnt every day produces severe air pollution, thus affecting the health of the people. In China, regional power shortages are frequently reported. All these factors are predicted to hamper the growth of the China power market.

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However, the rising number of companies using top quality power generation equipment is predicted to propel the market. In the case of investments, many new companies are expected to enter the China power market. Listed power companies operating in the China power market are consistently investing in thermoelectricity, thermal power, and hydropower. The growing number of companies participating in the global China power market is predicted to benefit the market.

China is considered to be a growing economic powerhouse and is expected to produce more power by using various resources. The environmental conditions are deteriorating quickly owing to the increasing number of companies participating in the generation of electricity. The scarcity of integrated and effective environmental policies still remains a key problem. Considering the environmental concerns, key companies are concentrating on using different ways of producing electricity and thermal power. Key power generation companies are now making energy efficiency their priority. 

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