Global Cement Market Supported by Booming Construction Industry

Published Date : Jan 15, 2016

ALBANY, New York, January 15, 2016: has added a research report into its database on the chemicals and materials sector. The report, titled “Global Cement Market Report: 2015 Edition”, enumerates the various possibilities within the global cement market. With accurate knowledge on current market statistics and future possibilities, the readers of the report may create a positive stance for themselves in the global cement market for the coming years.

The report focuses on the global cement market from a primarily geographic perspective, capturing details on all the major regions of the market. From the perspective of these regions, the report describes the global cement market in terms of major trends, growth drivers, as well as market restraints that might be encountered over time.

The list of market dynamics that the report elaborates on for the global cement market include growth drivers such as the rising demand in construction, growth of emerging economies, the rapid rate of urbanization in the emerging economies, and the increase in demand for the housing market in all economies. The trends explained in the report include the shifting focus towards green cement and the change of fuels used, while explaining the use of coal in the global cement market.

The restraints affecting the global cement market, as explained in the report, are the increasingly stringent regulations over the use of certain materials and the depletion of fossil fuels.

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The report also discusses the scenarios in the global cement market for 2014, from a national perspective, for the major countries involved in the cement market. This list includes Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, Spain, Germany, and France. Prospects exhibited by each country are explained in terms of company capacities or shipment capacities for the global cement market, for 2014. The report also provides the global cement market’s analytics through end markets, a regional breakdown, a growth of consumption, and a comparison between developed and emerging markets.

The key players in the global cement market, as discussed in the report, are Anhui Conch, CEMEX, and Heidelberg Cement. The report provides profiles of all three players in a holistic manner, pursuing for each company their business overviews, business strategies, and financial overviews. The information compiled in the report is intended to help enterprises make logical decisions based on the key companies that can influence the global cement market, and create successful strategies in gaining market shares.

The global cement market is a highly functional one with cement being one of the most abundantly produced materials in the world. The global cement market finds major use in the globally accelerating rate of construction activities as it is the most commonly used construction material.

Key chemicals used in making cement are calcium aluminoferrite minerals, calcium aluminates, and calcium silicates. Cement is therefore a mixture of the above raw materials in combination with calcium carbonate and lime, which are considered as the primary raw materials.

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