Need to Curb Carbon Footprint Drives Nations to Increase Installations of Wave and Tidal Energy Plants

Published Date : Sep 06, 2016

Albany, NY, Sep 06, 2016: has announced the addition of a new research report to its collection. The research report, titled “Marine Power (Wave And Tidal) - Installed Capacity, Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE), Profiles Of Technology Developers And Key Country Analysis To 2030,” provides a comprehensive outlook of the overall market. In order to understand the dynamics of the marine power market, the research report has detailed the developments in the wave and tidal energy sector. It also includes a study of the installed capacities, thorough profiling of technology developers, and levelized cost of energy. The document studies countries such as Canada, US, Portugal, the UK, Australia, and the Republic of Korea. The technological potential, the various stages of development of the power projects, and supportive policies have been evaluated in this research report. 

Some of the key players examined in this research report are Ocean Renewable Power Company, Aquamarine Power, Carnegie Wave Energy Limited, AWS Ocean Energy, Marine Current Turbines Limited, Ocean Power Technologies, OpenHydro Group Limited, Oceanlinx Limited, Pelamis Wave Power, Voith Hydro Wavegen Limited, Verdant Power, Pulse Tidal, BioPower Systems Pty, Tidal Generation Limited, Wello OY, and Wavebob. The report mentions the market share of these companies and states the factors that have determined their lead in the recent years. It also projects the business strategies that will be adopted by few of these players in the coming years to continue to lead and stand out in the intensely competitive market. Providing cost-effective energy solutions in order to curb the national carbon footprint will provide ample of growth opportunities to these companies in the near future.

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The report is aimed that being a guiding document to its readers in order to help them identify the right business opportunities and take well-informed decisions. Furthermore, with historic data and the assessment of the future developments, the report maps a trajectory of the marine power market for the coming few years. For a 360-degree overview, the document presents a thorough reports of a wide range of various marine energy technologies. The technologies studied in this research report are tidal energy, wave energy, ocean thermal energy, and energy from salinity gradient. It details the developments that will be required for harnessing marine energy to complete the ongoing projects across multiple countries. Thus, the report also includes an reports of cost break-up for wave and tidal projects along with technology progress made by providers and plan for installed capacities all through 2030.

The research discusses the challenges and the opportunities faced by various energy providers in the global market. Additionally, it recommends the routes that providers can take in order to achieve their goals and advance their plans to earn higher revenues. The information presented in this document has been collaborated using primary and secondary research methodologies, which include a vast number of journals, newsletters, documents, archives, and whitepapers along with firsthand information from market leaders.

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