Mergers, Acquisitions, and Innovations to Benefit Pharmaceutical Pipeline Products

Published Date : Sep 06, 2016

Albany, NY, Sep 06, 2016: Factors such as growing innovations, technological advancements, and the rising investment in new drug discoveries have boosted the global pharmaceutical industry in the recent years. The global pharmaceutical industry is growing at a fast pace with many new products in the pipeline. has added a new report on the pharmaceutical industry pipeline products to its wide repository of research reports. The report highlights and analyzes approximately 20,756 products that are presently in the pipeline. All the products in the pipeline are analyzed right from the stage of discovery to the stage of pre-registration. The products in the pipeline are studied by considering various therapies and other key indications. 

The report, titled “Innovation Tracking Factbook 2016 - An Assessment Of The Pharmaceutical Pipeline,” states that innovation in products is the key factor credited for the growth of the pipeline. The growth of the global pharmaceutical industry is supported by the rising support from the government and key companies towards the discovery and development of new products across various geographical locations.

As per the findings of the report, the pharmaceutical industry is research-intensive and is primarily dependent on the research and development investments coupled with strong pipeline products. Key pharmaceutical companies are focusing on adopting technological advancements to manufacture new drugs and medical equipment. The analysts state that without innovation and the launch of new products, the pharmaceutical industry would face a long-term decline in the revenue in the years to come.

The report briefs readers about the largest therapy area and profiles the portfolio of all first-in-class products. As per the report, oncology is the most promising therapy area in the current pharmaceutical industry. Various factors are taken into consideration by the analysts to measure the product pipeline in the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical trials and pipeline products in the pharmaceutical industry are assessed by the analysts on the basis of molecule type, therapy area, and stage of development. Key therapy areas such as oncology, immunology, central nervous system, and infectious diseases are analyzed in the report. Oncology, the most promising therapy area, is being studied in the report in details.

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The research on the pharmaceutical industry pipeline products highlights all licensing deals, mergers and acquisition, co-development deals, and capital raising programs. The report states that the pipeline products are predicted to increase owing to the rising mergers and acquisitions. Many startup companies are entering the global pharmaceutical industry with their new products. This is expected to make the market highly competitive. Key companies are planning to acquire a few of the startup companies. With this, key companies aim to maintain their dominance throughout the forecast period.

Although the product pipeline in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to increase at a fast pace, it is predicted to be affected by licensing deals and some other factors. Strict licensing deals and government approval procedures are predicted to make it difficult for the startups to launch their new products. Other factors, such as the rising cost of new drugs discovery, research and development costs, and lack of innovation for first-in-class pharmaceutical products in developing nations are expected to hamper the pipeline products in the pharmaceutical industry.   

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