Global Sapphire Semiconductor Market: Growing Employment of Sapphire in Wearables and Smartphones to Boost Market Growth

Published Date : Oct 03, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Oct 03, 2016 - has added a new report, titled ‘Global Sapphire Semiconductor Market 2016-2020’ to its offering. This report encapsulates an in-depth reports on the global sapphire semiconductor market and elaborates upon the factors impeding and fuelling the development of the market. The technological developments taking place in the market and their impact on the growth of the market have also been presented. The competitive landscape section within the study presents the top players operating in the market and their primary strengths and weaknesses.

The first part of the study starts by presenting the definition of sapphire semiconductor and the predicted and current size of the sapphire semiconductors market. An overview on the global market has also been presented. Sapphire refers to a versatile material and is employed in consumer electronics and LEDs. Sapphire semiconductors are employed in a number of areas such as power device, sensors, and lenses owing to their cost-effective nature and high-performance. A number of end markets also employ sapphire semiconductor due to its properties such as resistance to physical damage, durability, chemical inertness, hardness, and thermal insulation. As per the report, the global sapphire semiconductor market is predicted to rise at CAGR of over 11.0% from 2016 to 2020.

The following section of the report provides insights into the key applications of sapphire semiconductor. On the basis of application, the report categorizes the market into optical, consumer electronics, and LED. Amongst these, the segment of consumer electronics is predicted to be the most swiftly developing segment in the market and is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of over 19.0% from 2016 to 2020. This is owing to the fact that sapphire is immensely being utilized as a scratch-resistant, high-performance material in exterior of smartphones, smart watches, and other consumer electronic devices.

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Moving further, the geographical segmentation of the market has been presented. In terms of geography, the report categorizes the market into Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and Rest of the World (RoW). Amongst these, Asia Pacific led the market and held a share of approximately 81% in the market in terms of revenue in 2015. The superiority of this region is owing to the increasing proliferation of various semiconductor foundries including SMIC, Samsung, and TSMC. In addition, this region largely deploys semiconductor devices due to which huge investments are predicted to take place by big corporations present in the semiconductor and manufacturing sectors of Asia Pacific.

The drivers and impeders fuelling and restraining the growth of the market, respectively, have been elaborated upon in the following section of the study. The growing employment of sapphire within wearables and smartphones is a prime factor fuelling the growth of the market for sapphire semiconductors. In addition, the growing demand for LEDs in a number of applications will positively impact the global sapphire semiconductor market in the coming years.

The leading vendors in the market are Monocrystal, Rigidtech, Namiki, Aurora Opto, Kyocera, Crystal Applied, Crystalwise, Rubicon, Hansol, among others, as per this study.

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