Glaucoma 5EU Drug Sales Improve after Approval of Top Anticipated Drugs

Published Date : Oct 17, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Oct 17, 2016: The new report, titled “Glaucoma - 5EU Drug Forecast And Market Analysis To 2023,” is an accurate and consistency-driven reports of the 5EU drug availability and sales as a treatment for glaucoma. The report thoroughly inspects the factors that are currently driving or restraining the 5EU glaucoma market and what factors are expected to influence the market in the near future. 

As per the report, the 5EU glaucoma market was estimated at US$250 mn by the end of 2013. The report suggests that the originally sluggish growth rate of this market is continuously showing a strong and steady rise post 2015. A key factor attributed to the growth of the 5EU glaucoma market is the 2015 approval of Simbrinza and Taptiqom by the FDC. There is also an expected launch of five more drugs currently in the pipeline in the near future. Their release and the already high popularity of the previously released drugs is expected to provide a massive boost to the revenue stream of the 5EU glaucoma market. 

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness that is preventable. It is a form of chronic optic neuropathy that is progressive in nature. It results in massive and often irreparable damage to the eye, eventually causing complete loss of vision due to damage to the optic nerves. At the moment there are no direct treatments available to prevent this damage. All the commercially available drugs pertaining to glaucoma treatment are therapeutic drugs that deal with reducing the IOP, which is a primary risk factor responsible for the progression of the disease.

Fixed-dose combination drugs, or FDC drugs, are some of the most anticipated drugs to be released in the 5EU glaucoma market. Two of them were released in 2015 and have since gained giant chunks of the market value. The 5EU glaucoma market is entering a new growth phase with the expected arrival of new first-in-class drugs. These include Inoteks trabodenoson, Bausch & Lombs Vesneo (latanoprost bunod), and Aeries Rhopressa. Their release is expected to improve the revenue generate in the 5EU glaucoma market over the coming years. 

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The report incorporates a large segment dedicated to understanding the gaps, unmet needs, and opportunities present in the various aspects of the 5EU glaucoma market. These aspects include the simplified dosing regimen, reminder systems, long-acting therapies, new classes of IOP lowering drugs, neuroprotective drugs, improved diagnosis and monitoring, pipeline assessments, promising drugs in clinical development, and the promising drugs in early stage development. 

The overall scope of this report includes the dissemination of details regarding the top drugs in the 5EU glaucoma market and their product descriptions, efficacy profiles, safety standards, and a SWOT reports. The report also includes an impact reports for each key drug in the 5EU glaucoma market and the way each drug is influenced the market’s drivers and restraints. It thus provides a user ways in which they can stay ahead of the competitive curve and change their business strategies for a more successful venture. 

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