Increasing Need for Power Globally to Boost Wind Turbine Towers Market

Published Date : Nov 14, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Nov 14, 2016 - The report, titled “Wind Turbine Towers, Update 2016 - Global Market Size, Average Price, Competitive Landscape And Key Country Analysis To 2020” presents a deep reports on the global wind turbine towers market and presents the main opportunities present in this market. The forces driving and restraining the development of the market have also been presented through this study. The key trends and investment opportunities in the market have also been detailed in the report. 

The report starts by presenting an overview of the global wind turbine tower market. A wind turbine tower is a prime component in a wind-turbine system and owing to numerous technological advancements taking place in wind turbines, their achievable capacity has increased by leaps and bounds. This part of the report also presents the definition of wind turbine towers and throws light on the three main types of wind turbine towers available in the market, namely tubular steel towers, concrete towers, and hybrid towers. The market has also been studied on the basis of wind tower cost component. These include tower height, cost of raw materials, logistic costs, aerodynamics and structural factors.

Moving further, the report provides a detailed elaboration upon the market dynamics influencing the development of the market for wind turbine towers. These include the market fuellers, challenges, and trends. The cheap price of raw materials and the soaring need for power globally have come up as high-impact drivers in the growth of the global wind turbine towers market. In addition, the growing need to save environment also plays a crucial part in the increasing shift toward wind energy. 

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Furthermore, numerous favorable policies have been implemented by governments globally, resulting in advancement in the wind power market, thus further fuelling the growth of this market.

However, the report opines that there are some factors that may negatively impact the growth of this market. The dearth of sufficient grid infrastructures globally and the supply chain bottlenecks all around the world may come up as roadblocks in the growth of the wind turbine towers market.

Next, the extent of this market has been studied in top regions such as Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, the Americas, and Europe. The development prospects of this market in each of these regions have been studied in detail under this part of the study. In addition, the market has also been studied in terms of key nations such as Mexico, South Africa, the U.S., Brazil, Germany, the UK, India, France, and China. The manufacturing facilities for wind turbine towers in all these areas have been studied in detail under this section of the report.

Moving further, the profiles of different manufacturers operating in the market have been presented. Under this section, information has been presented on both outsourced manufacturing and in-house manufacturing taking place in this market.

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