Global Compression Therapy Market to Grow Positively, Driven by Evolution of Newer Techniques

Published Date : Jan 19, 2016

ALBANY, New York, Jan 19, 2016 – has announced the inclusion of a report, titled “MediPoint: Compression Therapy - Global Analysis and Market Forecasts” to its repertoire. The report provides holistic information pertaining to the growth trajectory exhibited by the global compression therapy market. It presents insights into drivers and restraints that will influence the market’s expansion across the world in the near future.

Compression therapy has a very efficient yet simple mechanical principle - wrapping an elastic garment around the leg. This is an effective means of increasing blood flow to the lower limb by strengthening the vein support. Compression therapy is a popular form of wound care that gently applies pressure to legs and ankles via specially designed compression bandages or elastic stockings. Despite its simplicity, compression therapy is widely recognized as a standard in the treatment of venous conditions such as venous leg ulcers, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, and lymphatic disorders including secondary and primary lymphedema.

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While the demand for compression bandaging and elastic stockings still remains high, the market is also gaining traction from the evolution of newer techniques of static compression such as adjustable products and custom garments that ease patients’ burden. These novel techniques have substantially improved the treatment compliance. The technology used by pneumatic compression devices has also advanced, despite its low rate of adoption. Amongst other compression therapy equipment available on the market, segmented pumps featuring tunable pressure characteristics have ventured into the category of simpler devices. Segmented pumps used in the treatment of venous and lymphatic conditions have single outputs for single inflatable chambers.

Despite pneumatic compression falling behind in terms of rapid innovation, a few manufacturers have developed advanced device systems to deliver complex pressure profiles to the areas affected on a patient’s body. The report studies the growth metrics of both pneumatic and static compression therapy device markets. Based on data sourced, the report identifies countries including India, Brazil, Germany, China, Italy, France, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S. as most lucrative markets for compression therapy device and therapeutics. The trajectory exhibited by these national markets is studied up to 2021. Prospective opportunities for the global compression therapy market are measured by the investigation of future adoption, CAGR, and unmet needs for each regional market and market segments. In addition, the market study analyzes the growth drivers and restrains influencing the prevalent market trends.

Based on the information obtained through trusted industrial sources, the report weighs out the market’s future outlook across developed as well as emerging nations. It also profiles the leading players operating in the market to study the prevailing competitive landscape. The opportunity for the entry of new players is also studied and evaluated in the report using Porter’s five forces.

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