Increasing Threat of Obesity Opens Opportunities for Anti-obesity Drugs Market

Published Date : Jan 07, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Jan 07, 2016: has added a new report, titled “Frontier Pharma: Obesity - Identifying And Commercializing First-In-Class Innovation”, to its expanding repository of research reports. The report is a professional study for gaining a know-how of first-in-class anti-obesity pharmacotherapy for both clinical and commercial purposes.

Obesity is a major health concern across the world. As per a standard index stipulated by the World Health Organization, a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30 is considered to be a sign of obesity. With the prevalence of obesity on a rise, it places a significant burden on public healthcare systems, as it is a major risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

The report on pharmacotherapy for obesity provides answers to some of the pertinent questions that are commonly associated with obesity and its treatment. This includes safety and efficacy of these drugs, government approval for commercialization of these drugs, first-in-class pipeline programs and their scientific rationale for targeting new molecules for the treatment of obesity. Other than this, the report delves into the business aspects of first-in-class obesity products, and the industry support these products receive over non-first-in-class products with respect to developmental stage deals and contracts.

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The market study is an instrument to understand the clinical and commercial landscape of anti-obesity drugs that are formulated with respect to disease pathogenesis, diagnosis, disease prognosis, available treatment and their limitations. The report also envisions the constituent elements of the obesity market, which in turn help highlight the needs currently unmet that market players can leverage for competitive gains.

Some other vital questions pertaining to pipeline products are answered in this report.  With respect to the first-in-class pipeline products for obesity, the report ascertains the dominant molecular targets to use these products and also the alignment of these products with the underlying pathway that governs the central and peripheral food intake and the corresponding energy expenditure.

For pipeline drugs, the report not only analyzes these drugs but also classifies these drugs by developmental stage, molecule type, and molecular target, with the diversity in molecular targets portraying the complex interplay between peripheral and central mechanisms associated with food ingestion. The report identifies the most innovative and promising products for obesity for market players to target the segment for early-stage investment and analyzes the licensing trends and co-development deals that are likely to be prevalent for these products.

The report concludes that the market for pipeline products for early-stage obesity is robust and constitutes first-in-class products that have the potential to become effective and safe weight loss treatments.

The drugs that are currently used for the treatment of obesity are also discussed in the report.

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