Construction Boom in Emerging Economies Represents Top Opportunity in Global Emergency Lights Market

Published Date : Dec 05, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Dec 05, 2016: The latest report, titled “Global Emergency Lights Market 2016-2020,” is an all-inclusive study on the intrinsic dynamics of the market dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of emergency lights. The report provides details on the two generalized types of emergency lights supplied: standby lights and escape lights. 

According to the report, the global emergency lights market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.79% within a forecast period from 2016 to 2020. The key driver augmenting the growth rate of demand for emergency lights is the booming construction industry across the world. The number of construction, repairs, and rebuilding projects undertaken across the world has escalated over the past decade, allowing ample opportunities for players to ramp up production capacities. The growth in demand for emergency lights may especially be visible in emerging economies, where the adoption of better safety standards is generating a greater demand for them. 

However, the global emergency lights market is currently being by the lack of standardization when it comes to testing the devices for durability and other important factors. The overall low rate of testing, especially in emergent economies, is hampering the overall growth in demand for emergency lights in the long run. This can be mitigated by the adoption of stringent rules and regulations pertaining to the manufacture and usage of emergency lights. At the same time, the global emergency lights market is experiencing a positive trend that is adding to product demand: the use of innovative designs and customization options. 

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The key players in the global emergency lights market currently, include WISKA, Beghelli, R. STAHL, Acuity Brands, Legrand, Daisalux, and ABB. Other prominent players mentioned in the report include Thorlux lighting, Clevertronics, Fulham, Airfal, Illuminex, Ventilux, Zumtobel, Emergency Lighting Products, Ektor, Osram, NVC Lighting, Teknoware, Linergy, Mule Lighting, Big Beam Emergency Systems, and Havells Sylvania. Factors such as updated player profiles, recent market activities, product descriptions, and regional prominence are used to elaborately explain the competitive landscape of the global emergency lights market. 

The geographical segmentation of the global emergency lights market is taken up to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each key region under the market’s overall reach. The report studies the three key regions of Asia Pacific, the Americas, and Europe and Middle East Africa. 

The report focuses on the fundamental factors driving the global emergency lights market. Emergency lights are instrumental in helping people evacuate an area in times of an emergency. They are largely installed in public places and office spaces and bear several types of light indicators, colors, and positions. The most common places that make use of emergency lights include manufacturing plants, industrial buildings, healthcare centers, residential buildings, educational institutions, theaters, and commercial buildings. 

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