Share Analysis of Companies in Global Web Services Cloud Market

Published Date : Jan 04, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Jan 4, 2016: The report, titled “Web Services Cloud Market Share Analysis: Market Shares, Analysis, and Index, Worldwide, 2006 to Current, Quarterly”, recently added to the report database of presents a 360-degree overview of the web services cloud market on a global scenario. The report examines the market in a ground-up manner and studies all the key elements of the market. It also presents a detailed reports of the impact of key drivers, restraints, and popular trend on the overall development of the market.

The report presents a detailed and professional overview of the current state of cloud computing in web services and offers detailed data for the share of cloud in web services from the year 2006 until the current times on a quarterly basis.

The report provides a detailed overview of the yearly and quarterly market share of some of the key companies in the web services cloud market. The qualitative and quantitative data obtained through primary and secondary research techniques is also presented in the report with the help of tables and graphs.

The report also presents detailed reports of key market segments and their state in key regional markets across the globe. The strengths and weaknesses of the key companies in the market are also revealed, along with an overview of the threats and opportunities faced by each of them, with the help of a thorough SWOT reports of each company.

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The report states that the cloud market for web services has not evolved in line with the traditional definitions for Platform as a Service (PaaS) platform, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) infrastructure, and Software applications as a Service (SaaS) services that were used earlier to define cloud in web services. Instead, the market now has application services cloud, web services cloud, and networking and hardware cloud. Of these, web services cloud refers to the integration of cloud services with web-modules for a flexible, dynamic, and fast access to worldwide computing resources.

Typically, IT departments in organizations deploy a variety of software products on premise, a process that incurs large payrolls, large upfront cost, and significant costs for maintenance and/or replacement of hardware. The move to a cloud-based software deployment model makes the use of a variety of software products highly convenient and economic for enterprises. They promise lower costs, no cost incurred for buying costly software suits, reduced cost of maintaining space-consuming hardware, and practically the same level of IT security as is provided by an in-house corporate IT department. This has made cloud a highly popular web model in the past few years.

The report analyses the role of some of the key companies operating in the global web services cloud market in developing it. These are Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Apple, Google, ATT, Box, Citrix, Dell, Sales Force, Dropbox, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Red Hat, Verizon, Rackspace, Sprint, and Flexiant.

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