New Defense Industry Business Confidence Report Indicates Favorable Business Environment in Middle East and Asia in H2 2015

Published Date : Jan 09, 2016

Albany, NY, Jan 9, 2016: Executives in the defense industry expect a favorable business environment in rapidly growing nations in the Middle East and Asia, says a latest report, titled ‘Defense Industry Business Confidence Report - H2 2015.’ The report, which is now available on, says that the majority of customers expect consumer confidence levels to remain largely the same during H2 2015 (August 2015 to January 2016).

The overall business confidence index is thus expected to remain unchanged from H1 2015 to H2 2015, going by the sentiment of a third of industry executives who participated in the study. The report is aimed at enabling stakeholders in the global defense industry to make strategic decisions based on prevailing degrees of consumer confidence.

According to the report, executives in the defense industry expect that prices of technology (supplier side) suppliers will see a hike of about 2.9%. Maximum spends are expected to be seen on new product development, with modern warfare becoming the need of the hour. As new weaponry, tools, and techniques are much sought after in the modern world, spends on keeping up with the latest trends are expected to rise dramatically.

Highlighting a major concern that the defense industry will have to deal with in the coming years, the report notes that the current scenario in the eurozone will cause industry stakeholders to refrain from making any immediate commitment to investments. These concerns, according to the report, will primarily be seen among consumers in Europe in H2 2015 as well as those in Asia Pacific who have business interests in the eurozone.

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Another crucial trend that emerges during the reports conducted in the report is that there is an increasing interest among stakeholders to expand into new markets – this sentiment being especially prominent among defense industry executives in North America. The trend is expected to become stronger in H2 2015.

A great deal of innovation will fuel the current focus on customer retention and this is expected to have an impact on the competitive dynamics of the market. The authors of the report expect sales to show a slight improvement in H2 2015 as compared to H1 2015. Spends on mergers and acquisitions are also forecast to increase by a slight margin in the said period. This could see smaller regional players being acquired by larger national and international companies as the latter try to expand their footprint in high-potential emerging regions. As efforts to improve operational efficiency take a more solid form, optimization and constant improvements will be a must.

The report clearly lays down organizational priorities from the regional as well overall standpoint. Besides offering an outlook for the industry’s growth, the report also summarizes the expected growth trajectory of leading companies in the defense industry.

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