China and India Drive Global 2D Gesture Recognition for Consumer Electronics Market on Account of Being Top Markets for Smartphones

Published Date : Apr 10, 2017

ALBANY, New York, April 10, 2017: has added a new market study to its repository, titled, “Global 2D Gesture Recognition for Consumer Electronics Market Research Report 2017.” The report examines the market in-depth by factoring in historical and current data gathered from both primary and secondary sources. It assesses the size of the market, the current competitive dynamics, and its prospects going forward. 

A 2D gesture recognition technology essentially leverages 2D camera-enabled devices. Down the line, this technology has become increasingly user-friendly and cost effective, which has made it a preferred choice for interactions between an individual and a device. Majorly boosting their market is the rising sales of smart devices. The easy interface, high accuracy, and speed they accord in smart devices, particularly smartphones, makes them the most preferred technology. 

The low scope of camera, however, reduces the operating range of 2D devices. This disadvantage coupled with the advent of the more advanced 3D gesture recognition will likely dampen demand for 2D gesture recognition technology in consumer electronics in the foreseeable future. Other things hampering the market are the steep development costs and dearth of awareness about the new technology.

 In order to study the global market for 2D gesture recognition for consumer electronics, the report segments it based on different parameters. Depending upon products, for example, it segments the market into remote controls, mouse, etc. Based on applications again, the key segments are tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, desktops, and portable PCs, among others. The report studies each segment in details, its revenue, market share, and growth prospects. 

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Geography-wise, the report classifies the market into the European Union, the U.S., China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Japan. Among them, China and India are major markets of smartphones and hence contribute the most to the 2D gesture recognition market for consumer electronics. Japan is another key market on account of the constant rise in demand for high-end smartphones with several features. The U.S. and the European Union are also witnessing steady growth on account of gigantic strides made in the domain of technology in the two regions on account of state-of-the-art facilities. 

To gauge the current competitive dynamics in the global market for 2D gesture recognition for consumer electronics, the report profiles important companies operating in it and their key strategies. Most astute players have adopted the mergers and acquisitions route to expand their geographical footprints and to diversify. 

Some of the key players profiled in the report are EyeSight Technologies, PointGrab, Crunchfish AB, Samsung Electronics, Intel, and Sony. The report studies their marketing strategies, products, revenues, and their marketing strategies. It also tries to uncover the opportunities and threats awaiting them. 

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