Global Industrial Water Meters Market Garners Growth Hope from Horizontal and Vertical Installation Meters

Published Date : Apr 10, 2017

ALBANY, New York, April 10, 2017 – The global industrial water meters market has been anticipated to reach a decent revenue figure for the forecast period 2016–2022 on account of the surging demand for formulating water consumption patterns with the help of predictive reports. In a report put on sale by, titled “Global Industrial Water Meters Market Research Report 2017,” the analysts have comprehensively studied the market on the basis of type, application, and regional segmentation. Horizon and vertical installation meters are the two products focused upon, whereas petroleum industry, metallurgical industry, and water conservancy are the important applications analyzed in the report. 

Ultrasonic water meters are expected to make an enduring mark in the world industrial water meters market because of their ability to help water works industries, larger facilities, and even households to measure their cold water consumption. Such water meters could gain traction as they work toward minimizing surprising expenses and operational costs using their perfect combination of long-range communication, longevity, and pinpoint measuring accuracy. Static water meters allow for the fast and secure collection of water data remotely read. Their environment-friendly nature, 100.0% vacuum sealed construction, and up to 16 years of internal lithium battery life have promoted them extensively in the market. 

Cost of software support services, licensing fees, and high installation and investment cost could be the deterrents active in the global industrial water meters market. However, players wanting to rise above the odds are predicted to receive a strong impetus in North America as the region could dominate the market with a telling share. The widespread yet conventional water meter infrastructure existing in North America is envisaged to set the tone for the regional market. As the substitution of first-generation devices takes precedence in Europe, the region is envisioned to quickly follow North America. Asia Pacific could register a considerable growth in the market. 

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The competitive situation and trends of the international industrial water meters market are explained in detail while touching vital parameters such as expansions, mergers and acquisitions, market concentration rate, and top three and five manufacturers. The report has given an elaborative reports of the price, revenue, and production trend by type prevailing in the market. By application, the authors of the publication have shed light on the consumption growth rate and consumption and market share. The review period considered here is 2012–2017. Participants can also gain a profound insight into the proportion of manufacturing cost structure on the part of manufacturing expenses, labor cost, and raw materials. 

Leading companies such as SenTec, Neptune Technology Group, Takahata Precison, Kamstrup, and Arad Technologies have been deeply profiled in the global industrial water meters market report. Each of the companies is evaluated based on their competitors, sales area, manufacturing base, and more information. 

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