Parkinsons Disease Market: Lack of Disease-modifying Therapies Market’s Largest Unmet Need

Published Date : Apr 18, 2017

Albany, New York, April 18, 2017: has recently announced that its research report repository features a detailed market research report on the global Parkinson’s disease (PD) treatment. The report, titled “Parkinsons Disease - Heat Map and Analysis,” presents a detailed overview of the clinical characteristics of the therapies that are currently approved for the condition, in terms of efficacy and safety parameters. The report also presents a derailed overview of the key unmet needs in the treatment of the disease and the clinical efficacy and safety parameters that are closely linked to them.

The report presents detailed reports on how the drug candidates presently in late-stage clinical trials will affect the market for popular treatments of current times. The report also presents an reports about the need for disease-modifying therapies demonstrating neuroprotective properties that can prevent or at least slow down the rate of neuronal cell death.

The prevalence of Parkinson’s disease, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder leading to the progressive loss of muscle control and a set of related issues such as rigidity, resting tremor, postural reflex impairment, and akinesia, is rapidly rising across the globe. The age-related disease is considered to witness a rising patient pool in the near future as the world population rapidly ages.

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As there is cure for PD currently, significant research and development efforts are being undertaken to develop new treatment methods to treat the condition effectively. The differences between most of the products presently on market depend on the mechanism of action, which must be clearly understood by companies wanting to bring to this market a new medication or drug candidate. This report provides an easy to understand summary of the clinical features of all the popualr drugs on the market as well as in clinical trials, along with details of late-stage clinical trials for products in the market and Phase III pipeline.

The report helps the reader gain a detailed understanding of the present state of clinical landscape for Parkinson’s disease by considering the available treatment options according to drug classes. The report also helps the reader visually compare the treatments and drug classes currently approved for treating the disease based on important safety and efficacy parameters examined in clinical trials.

With the help of the vast data in the report, the reader can analyze the current late-stage pipeline of Parkinson’s disease drugs in terms of the implications and positioning of all products for the clinical landscape at each stage of therapy.  The report also helps the reader gain a deeper understanding of the relative strong suits and weaknesses of the studies that were used to gather these data. The report presents data pertaining to the clinical benchmarks set by the products presently on the market and analyzes how the drug candidates presently in late-stage clinical trials will affect these benchmarks.

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