Mounting Demand for Advanced Electronics to Propel Adoption of Fiberglass Electrical and Electronic Products

Published Date : May 08, 2017

ALBANY, New York, May 08, 2017: has stated the addition of a new market research report to its report repository. The research publication is titled, “Global Fiberglass Electrical And Electronic Products Market 2017-2021.” The research report offers an exhaustive outlook of the dynamics that are controlling the changes that are occurring in the global market and further assesses them painstakingly The effect of some progressive and regressive elements has also been taken into consideration with equal significance in the market intelligence report. It also delivers data on the marketing and publicity strategies, shares, and merchandises of the top drawer companies.

Fiberglass is a variety of reinforced plastic in which glass fiber is employed as the material of reinforcement. Glass fibers can be of two kinds classified on the basis of their geometry such as continuous fibers which are employed in textiles and yarns, and then the discontinuous short fibers, used as boards, blankets, and batts for filtration and insulation. Fiberglass is made into yarn and is further woven into different fabrics. Fiberglass is customized for specific users such as type T or thermal, employed for thermal insulation, type C or chemical, offering high acid resistance, and type E, used as electrical reinforcements, textiles, and tapes.

According to the report, the global market for fiberglass electrical and electronics products is expected to expand at a 7.04% CAGR from 2017 to 2021. Fiberglass offers several advantages such as low moisture absorption, high dielectric strength, and flexible design as compared to wood, concrete, aluminum, and steel. Furthermore, fiberglass has low installation costs owing to less weight and also offers better protection from corrosion and chemicals. This is expected to boost the demand for fiberglass owing to its exclusive characteristics.

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One of the primary trends that is expected to gain prominence with time is technological advancements in the field of electronics. Crucial focal points for manufacturers of fiberglass electrical and electronics products are growing competition due to innovation and strict government regulations. The cream of the crop players are already focusing on providing advanced products in low price and utilizing diverse technologies.

Based on application, the global fiberglass electrical and electronics products market has been bifurcated into insulators and enclosures and printed circuit boards or PCBs. The global market was dominated by printed circuit boards in 2016 in terms of application and it has been projected that it will continue its dominance over the upcoming years owing to growing use of different electronics. Region-wise, Asia Pacific led the market and is likely to retain lead due to mounting demand for advanced electrical products in the regions. To establish a firm position in the market, the leading vendors have pulled up their socks and are thus, concentrating on developing innovative products. The top drawers in the market are China Beihai Fiberglass, Saint-Gobain, PPG Industries, Jushi Group, and AGY.

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