Adoption of Nonblocking Networks to Rise due to Growing Incorporation of Cloud Technology

Published Date : May 22, 2017

Albany, New York, May 22, 2017: announces the addition of a new report on the global IT sector. The report examines the role of the scale of data centers in their physical and technological development. The potential development of nonblocking networks in the IT sector and the role of scale in the same is the prime focus of the report. The report assesses several aspects of the rising demand for nonblocking networks, known as Clos networks. The current design parameters of the data center industry and the pricing structure entailed by the same are examined in the report. The various companies making pioneering efforts in applying nonblocking Clos networks in their IT services are profiled in detail to provide readers with a clear idea of their Clos network design.

Nonblocking Clos networks have emerged as an alternative to the conventional crossbar switching mechanism. The matrix shape of the crossbar switching mechanism has been useful for the IT sector for several years, but the rapid growth of the sector in recent years has necessitated an upgrade. The rising scale of the IT sector is thus fundamentally connected with the growing demand for nonblocking networks, as crossbar switching is no longer feasible at the scale at which modern data centers operate.

The rising incorporation of mega data centers in the IT sector is the key development aiding the adoption of nonblocking Clos networks. The nature of nonblocking networks is such that they require large-scale operations to be utilized to their full capacity. The number of networking pathways rises with the increasing size of data centers, which has now led to the development of mega data centers and the rising adoption of nonblocking networks.

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The three stages of nonblocking networks ensure that smooth passage of data takes place regardless of the volume of the data, as unlike crossbar switches, the multiple switches in the middle stage of nonblocking networks can all connect to all the switches on either side. This means there is no limitation regarding the movement of data. Virtual servers can also be launched easily using nonblocking networks, which has also become a key driver for Clos network in recent years.

The rising utilization of cloud technology in the IT sector is the vital driver for the adoption of nonblocking networks. Cloud technology can be fully utilized with the use of nonblocking networks, which is a key factor driving their adoption.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon (AWS) are likely to play key roles in the widespread adoption of nonblocking networks in the IT sector in the coming years. These four industry giants have been among the leading consumer of data center equipment and technology in the recent past due to their steady growth. They have also played pioneering roles in the initiation of nonblocking networks in the IT sector and are thus expected to be important for the market in the coming years.

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