Overview of Dengue Fever Global Clinical Trials 2016

Published Date : Feb 29, 2016

ALBANY, New York, Feb 29, 2016: MarketResearchReports.biz has recently made an announcement regarding the inclusion of a new market research report to its comprehensive collection of research studies. The 88-page research report, titled “Dengue Fever Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2016,” provides a detailed reports and review of the global clinical trials scenario for dengue fever. The research study has further added the forecast figures and historical data for global clinical trials for dengue fever with the help of tables, charts, and infographics. It has further included valued inputs and strategic recommendations of industry experts and professionals to help the readers.

The research study offers a comprehensive reports of the global dengue fever clinical trials landscape, along with top-level data associated with the clinical trials on the basis of region, country (G7 and E7), sponsor type, trial phase, trial status, and end point status. The study further includes the latest updates from the past three months, coupled with the current market trends for the last five years.

Dengue fever is a very painful mosquito-borne disease that is caused by any one of four closely associated viruses responsible for dengue. These viruses are linked to the viruses that cause yellow fever and West Nile infection. Some of the major symptoms of dengue fever are headache, muscle and joint pains, skin rash, high fever, and vomiting. If a patient with dengue fever does not undergo proper treatment, in a few cases it may result in a life-threatening condition known as dengue hemorrhagic fever. This condition results in low levels of blood platelets, bleeding, blood plasma leakage, or dengue shock syndrome.

The research report helps the existing as well as new players in the market in designing their major business policies effectively. It also helps in determining the prominent locations for conducting clinical trials, which helps in saving a lot of cost and time. The research study presents a top-level reports of the global clinical trials market, which assists players in determining the major business opportunities.

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The research report also provides a detailed understanding of clinical trial count and enrollment trends in different countries. Furthermore, it assists in understanding the success rates of dengue fever clinical trials by presenting a clear picture of completed as well as uncompleted (suspended, terminated, and withdrawn) clinical trials for dengue fever.

The research study further talks about the competitive landscape of the global dengue fever therapeutics market, focusing on the company profile, inception details, contact information, business policies, financial overview, major mergers and acquisitions, and SWOT reports of the major players. The prominent companies operating in the market include Globavir Biosciences, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Merck & Co., Inc., Cerus Corporation, 60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals LLC, Sanofi, Abivax S.A., Quintiles Transnational Holdings Inc., Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, and Activistic Limited.

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