Demand for Amino Acid Based Formula to Rise Considerably as Parents Seek to Offer their Children with Best Provisions Available in Market

Published Date : May 14, 2018

Albany, New York, May 14, 2018: Amino-acid based formulas are increasingly available in pouches, besides conventional containers of small size. Their sales has risen remarkably in the last few years. In addition, manufacturers have adopted innovative techniques to offer infant formula in ready-to-use bottles, facilitating firm grip. Such innovations are greatly appealing millennial parents who find them more convenient than preparing several bottles while struggling with time-constraints. A report, titled “Amino Acid Based Formula Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2026,” presents insights into chief drivers underpinning growth in the market. It also profiles some of the leading players operating in the amino acid based formula market to study strategies adopted over the years and examine the effect of the same on the overall market. The report is currently available for sale on the official website of

The increasing disposable income of consumers in economies such as India, Singapore, and China, has pumped discretionary spending of households. This has in turn fuelled the demand for premium products. Given the scenario, parents are more willing to offer best provisions available in the market to their children, infants formulas are definitely no exception. In the last couple of years, parents are spoilt with multitude of choices with regards to premium amino acid based formula. This has enabled the amino acid based formula market gain significant momentum over the last few years. Also, the demand is expected to rise further in response to the increasing incidence of malabsorption, malmetabolism, and hypoallergenic diseases among infants around the world.

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Government initiatives and rising awareness has positively bridged the existing gender gap in labor market and employment statistics. As per the International Labor Organization, women participation in jobs was almost 50% in 2015. Their participation is likely to increase further in the coming years. As lifestyle of women around the world get busier, it is expected to have a remarkable influence on birthrate and breast-feeding. This will in turn fuel the demand for amino acid based infant formula in the coming years.

The use of probiotics in food products as well as infant formulas has greatly increased as a result of the expansion witnessed in the health and wellness industry worldwide. Probiotics helps in proper gut functioning by enriching beneficial microbes in human body. Furthermore, recently conducted studies have shown acid-based infant formula to help in the modification of gut microbiota and effective management of hypoallergenic disease in children. It is due to the increasing awareness of health benefits such as this that an increasing number of patients around the world prefer amino acid based infant formula. Spurred by this, the global amino acid based formula market is expected to show impressive growth over the forecast period.

The report also profiles some of the leading players in the amino acid based formula market such as Abbott Laboratories, Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd., Danone, Mead Johnson Nutrition Company, and Nestlé S.A.

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