Europe Cloud Computing Server Industry: 2016 Overview

Published Date : Mar 07, 2016

ALBANY, New York, March 07, 2016 - has announced the addition of the “Europe Cloud Computing Server Industry 2016 Market Research Report” report to its offering. The report offers a basic overview of the cloud computing server industry and the investment feasibility of new projects. The report discusses the applications, classification, and industry news pertaining to the cloud computing server industry. It gives a thorough technical data and manufacturing reports as well as manufacturing cost structure reports of the cloud computing server industry.

Cloud computing is a technology by way of which companies can expand their network capacity and run applications on the cloud or on the vendor’s network. The biggest advantage of cloud computing is the ability to offer a host of advantages and IT services over cloud at low costs. Cloud computing transforms the way IT organizations create and deploy customized applications offsite. Cloud computing is a cheap, relatively safer, and faster alternative to onsite IT application developments.

In the recent past, the economic recession saw a large number of companies adopting cloud computing technology in Europe, as cloud computing is a cost-effective strategy. Cloud computing proved to be a boon for emerging companies during tough economic times in Europe. As several companies looked for inexpensive IT solutions with minimal investments, the cloud computing server industry was driven due to the many advantages it offers at cheap prices.

What drives the cloud computing server industry in Europe is the growing recognition of the operational benefits and efficiency of cloud computing technology. An increasing number of companies have faced financial problems and have become alert, understanding the risks and uncertainties involved in the ever-changing economic conditions. This growing awareness has further fueled the cloud computing server industry, on account of the increasing number of companies opting for cloud-based services.

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The future growth prospects of the cloud computing server industry lie in the inclination of modern companies to exploring opportunities way beyond the office walls. Also, there is a need to manage a mobile workforce and stay in touch with the organization’s various branches and headquarters, which may be scattered all across the globe, driving the cloud computing server industry.

The cloud computing server industry is making headways in Europe as more and more companies realize the inefficiency and risks of maintaining data in a traditional or in-house infrastructure. Data stored the traditional way is exposed to several risks such as theft, fire, vandalism, and natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes. As such, cloud computing is seen as a safe haven for critical and important data, boosting the cloud computing server industry.

Key players in the cloud computing server industry discussed in the report are Dell, Microsoft, and Cisco. The company profile, capacity, production, cost, gross, revenue, and price are given in the report, along with a SWOT reports of every company. 

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