Growth analysis of Global Robotic Process Automation Market Featured in New Study

Published Date : Jul 04, 2018

ALBANY, New York, July 4, 2018 - A new market study, titled “Global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Market Size, Status and Forecast 2025”, has been featured on The report presents an in-depth assessment of the global robotic process automation market in the upcoming years. It does so via quantitative and qualitative insights, past growth behavior, and verifiable market size estimations. The report examines all the prevalent market trends that could influence the growth of the robotic process automation market over the forecast period. This includes demand drivers, challenges, opportunities, and technological advancements. The growth reports of robotic process automation market is studied across United States, European Union, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, and India for insights into growth of the global market.

Robotic process automation (RPA) involves automation of business processes in enterprises using software robots, which can be trained easily and that integrate seamlessly into any system. Designed to perform on a huge range of composite, rule-based systems RPA systems act as virtual assistants to communicate with other systems and trigger responses in the same way a human would do. An RPA software robot never sleeps, make zero mistakes, and is always better.

Robotic process automation is a nascent business process automation technology based on the artificial intelligence (AI) workers or software robots. While traditional workflow automation tools involves a software developer to produce a list of actions to automate a task and interface to the back-end system, RPA systems develop the action list by watching the user perform that task. RPA system observes the user perform the task in the application’s graphical user interface (GUI) and then automates by repeating those tasks directly in the graphical user interface.

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The 104-page report is a creditable instrument for its offerings. The report serves to provide a holistic reports of the market using industry-centric research methodologies and proven assumptions. The report is compiled after an extensive primary and secondary research phase. Primary research phase involved gathering valuable inputs from opinion leaders and industry experts and validation of data. Analysts carried out interviews on an ongoing basis for data validation and endorsement.

The report studies the robotic process automation market on the basis of type and application. By type, integration technology and independent technology are the segments into which this market is segmented. Application-wise, financial sector, healthcare, telecom & IT, and other are the segments into which the robotic process automation market is classified.

The report studies the robotic process automation market from a competitive standpoint as well. Key companies to name in this market include Atos SE, Be informed B.V., Cicero Inc., Genfour, Infosys Ltd, Jacada Inc., Automation Anywhere Inc., Blue Prism Group Plc, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation, Genpact Ltd, IPSoft Inc, and Kofax Ltd. Each of the companies is profiled for company profile, business overview, product portfolio, recent developments, and SWOTs.

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