Global H5N1 Infection (Avian Influenza) Clinical Trials Review by Country and Sponsor Type

Published Date : Mar 07, 2016

ALBANY, New York, March 07, 2016 – has announced the addition of a new report, titled “H5N1 Infection (Avian Influenza) Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2016.” The research study offers a 360-degree overview of clinical trials on H5N1 (avian influenza) conducted worldwide.

H5N1 is considered a highly pathogenic bird flu virus. This virus has led to dangerous outbreaks in domestic poultry in regions such as the Middle East and Asia. This virus has the ability to produce diseases, although it does not usually infect humans. Nevertheless, according to the WHO, around 650 human cases of avian flu have been reported in over 15 countries since 2003. Out of these, 60% of the cases died due to their illness. Hence, this virus is considered to be highly pathogenic.

H5N1 clinical trials are intended to offer immunization against the avian influenza virus. The clinical trials are aimed at discovering the pharmacological effects and recognizing the adverse reactions to vaccines used by humans. One of the key issues associated with H5N1 vaccine production is the lack of overall surge production capacity.

The data included in the report comprises top level data related to the clinical trials by country, region, trial status, trial phase, end point status, and sponsor type. The study also reviews the top companies involved in these clinical trials. In the first section, it provides reports of clinical trials by region. The key regions analyzed in the report are Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, North America, and Central and South America. Then the study begins to evaluate the clinical trials and the average enrollment in key nations. The top five countries contributing to clinical trials in Europe, APAC, MEA, North America, and Central and South America are covered.

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Furthermore, the report presents an evaluation of the clinical trials in G7 countries. This section covers the proportion of H5N1 infection (bird flu) trials to infectious disorders clinical trials. Moving on, the study presents a detailed evaluation of the phases of these clinical trials. Similarly, the data related to E7 countries is also mentioned by trial status. Moreover, the end point status of these H5N1 infection clinical trials is covered. The number of subjects recruited for these trials and the period of time is also mentioned.

Lastly, the report offers an in-depth reports of the several sponsor types in the global H5N1 infection clinical trials market. Several prominent sponsors and top companies participating in these trials are discussed. Further to this, a profile reports of the most prominent drugs is also evaluated. The report ends with an appendix listing definitions and the research methodology.

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