Global 2D Electronics Market Driven by Rising Awareness about Efficiency of 2D Electronics across Sectors

Published Date : Jul 23, 2018

ALBANY, New York, July 23, 2018: Global 2D electronics market has been predicted to exhibit a steady growth in the forthcoming years. has recently added a report that offers comprehensive and an in-depth study of factors influencing the growth of the global 2D electronics market. The report is titled “Global 2D Electronics Sales Market Report 2018,” and is available for sale on the company’s website. The report also enumerates the competitive landscape of the market.

The report covers in-depth introduction and information on market dynamics including drivers, restraints, opportunities, and trends influencing the growth rate of market in its executive summary. The report comprises detailed information on revenue generated by various market segments, which includes the ones on the regional basis as well. It includes exhaustive information on the global 2D electronics market, which is represented in the format of tables, pie charts, graphs, and graphs.   

2D electronics are smaller in size and thickness of few atoms despite of this, these are very efficient. High functioning efficiency is the prime factor driving growth of the global 2D electronics market. Graphene is most active 2D material is used in the production of 2D electronics, which shows several improvements in electronic and photonic sector. The properties of graphene such as high carrier mobility, mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, flexibility, and stability is gaining attention of numerous researchers. Researchers are focusing on product advancements and widening its applications. These advancements are boosting adoption of 2D electronics which is likely to drive growth substantially.

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However, high manufacturing cost due to its complex structure is crimping the growth of the global 2D electronics market. Nevertheless, growing adoption of 2D electronics owing to its efficiency is creating lucrative opportunities for key players in the market.

The global 2D electronics market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and region. On the basis of type, the market is segmented in to optoelectronic and electronic devices. On the basis of application, the market is classified into optical communications, biomolecular sensing, security display and imaging, and solar cells.

On the basis of region, the market is segmented in to five parts such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Central & South America, and Middle East & Africa. The 2D electronics market is developing across many regions. However, North America is offering lucrative opportunities for key players by adopting the technology at a phenomenal. However, Asia Pacific has potential to grow with higher CAGR owing to higher population and rising trend of adopting new technologies. While, the Middle East and Africa is witnessing higher demand for 2D electronics devices which is driving growth of the market across region.

Some of the key players framed in the 2D electronics market report includes Aledia, 2D Electronic and Automation, 2D Semiconductors, Graphene Laboratries, Sanko Semiconductor, Haydale, and Skeleton Technologies.

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