Need For Quick and Accurate Results to Promote the Growth of Global Visible Light Communication

Published Date : Sep 03, 2018

Albany, New York, Sept 3, 2018: The global visible light communication market is envisaged to grow at an exponential rate during the assessed period due to the rise in number of internet users all across the world. Rise in demand for communication technology have triggered the need for visible light communication (VLC) solutions, notices Research Rapid technological advancement in the communication sector all across the world is fueling the growth of the market. In a 105 pages report, titled “Global Visible Light Communication Market Insights, Forecast to 2025” which is up on sale on the website scrutinizes the different aspect of the market which are likely to have significant impact on the market such as trends, opportunities, and restraints.

The publisher of the report has provided various drivers on which the market is likely to grow in the forecast period. The report carries an in-depth reports about the market value chain. The report also provides the regional reports based on the performance of region. Profile of various leading vendors in the market is present in the report.

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It has been noted that most of the wireless traffic is present indoors which are well lightened has significantly fostered the use of visible light communication in retail indoor positioning. The need for visible light communication from retailers in order to enhance the shopping experience of consumers by sending them notification regarding ongoing product offers while shopping is gaining popularity among the vendors. Another reasons which is tweaking the growth of the market is the fact that the visible light communication provides quick and accurate results. It is anticipated that in years to come the Bluetooth and WIFI is going to face an intense competition from visible light communication in order help the retailers to rise the footfalls by challenging e-commerce.

Investors are known to be spending heavy behind the research and development in order to produce new products is also known to fuel the growth of the market. Advent of Visible light communication is also contributing to the growth of the market. It has been noticed that existence of alternative technologies like LTE-direct, WIFI, and Bluetooth poses a serious threat to the growth of the VLC market. Another factor that is deterring the growth of the market, is the need to renovate existing infrastructure in order to use VLC in sectors like transport, retail, and healthcare. However, benefits surrounding the VLC solution like higher accuracy and no additional infrastructure is helping the market to grow seamlessly.

On the basis of geography, North America holds a leading major in the global visual light communication due to the presence of leading players. Another factor that is aiding the region to dominate other region is ongoing production innovation, partnerships, and acquisition across North America. However, Asia Pacific is predicted to become the fastest growing market due to heavy focus on research and development activities.

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